10 Local SEO Tips to Improve Rankings

No matter how great SEO is, it is sometimes really hard to get a handle on. The rules are changing very often and advice on how to do SEO better is often outdated or wrong. So, when you find yourself in need of ways for improving rankings, there is a chance you won’t be able to find an adequate solution to your problem. But, you know what? We, at AZ Citation Services, want to put an end to this! This is why we have prepared ten SEO tips that can help you improve rankings with ease. Follow them and, very soon, you will see the results.

1. Go through Google’s guidelines

The best way to start learning how to skyrocket your rankings is with the help of Google’s guidelines. This SEO guide can teach you more about search engine optimization and will introduce to you different strategies for improving rankings. Whether you are a beginner with SEO or not, rely on these suggestions. After all, your goal is to rank higher on Google. So there is really no reason why you wouldn’t want to go through its guidelines.

Silver laptop
Google’s guidelines can be very useful to all of you who want to improve your website’s rankings

2. Find out what content increases traffic the most

To have a website that ranks high in Google, you will need to do some research. Use your spare time to learn which type of content can help you improve rankings. You need to find content that generates traffic and gets a lot of social shares. It is a good idea to check out your competitions’ websites and take a look at their content. Their content can serve as an inspiration for creating better content for your own business and website. Outdo your competition and you will rank higher than them.

3. Freshen up your content

After doing thorough research, you will get a couple of ideas on how you can improve your website’s content. Keep in mind that having more posts than your competition doesn’t mean your rankings will be better than theirs. Your content needs to be well-crafted and interesting. It needs to engage people and invite them to read more. You can also order citations to build a stronger web presence.

4. Fix grammar mistakes to improve rankings

There is nothing worse than having a website that is full of spelling and grammar mistakes! Not only that this website won’t get good rankings but it also won’t do any good to your business. Just think about it! You are promoting your business and your products online in order to attract more traffic and clients. You want to build a strong brand but your website is full of grammar mistakes! That creates a bad image so you should go through your content once again and look for mistakes. While doing that, you can also optimize descriptions and make better ones that have no mistakes.

5. Look for broken links and remove them

Do you know what broken links are? This is something that happens all the time. Links you have once used can become broken over time. For example, if you have linked a website that doesn’t exist anymore, the link you have included won’t be clickable. And, keeping those links in your blog posts is a big no. This is why you should go through your entire content and start looking for broken links. If you are lucky enough, there won’t be any. However, if you find them, consider deleting or changing them because that is what will help you improve rankings.

Man reading how to improve rankings
There are many different tools you can use for detecting broken links with ease

6. Add new links for better rankings

Since you will be replacing some of your old links, use that chance to add new links to much better resources. You should include them in your new content as well! Adding links to better resources has many upsides. First of all, it adds value to your content. Google will notice that, too! Linking to some of the best pages will make your content more valuable to Google. Thus, your rankings will improve. And, don’t forget to add links to your new pages or blog posts. You will want to keep people on your website as much as possible.

7. Add reviews to your website

One of the least studies shows that having customer reviews on a website is one of the most powerful local ranking factors! This is why you should consider adding a section where your clients can write a couple of information about the services you offer. And who knows, maybe this will motivate you to work harder and offer better services! For these and many other reasons, add Google My Business reviews and link to your reviews page.

8. Multimedia also matters

If you want to improve rankings with ease, simply add multimedia to your website. Add images, videos, audio without making your website look cheap. Trust us, there is no reason for adding multimedia without any order! Here are some of the guidelines you should follow:

  • use plenty of quality images, add one image for every 350 or 400 words;
  • multimedia you intend to use needs to be of the highest quality, stay away from posting blurry visuals;
  • avoid using any visual that has a logo (unless it is your logo).
A laptop and a tablet
Visit websites where you can download quality images from professional photographers for free

9. Update your website regularly

After you change your content, update your links, make perfect citations, and improve rankings, your website will be ready. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to do all of these tasks again. In order to have good rankings, you will constantly have to work on your website and make small changes to it. Small changes can really help you build a better site for your business which is what will make your business stronger.

1o. Keep striving for the best

As you can see, there are many ways that can help you improve rankings. Even though the tips from above are SEO-related, this one won’t be. To become good at something, you need to work hard and give your 100% every time! There will be tough times but don’t let them affect you. You know what your goals are and keep looking for ways of achieving them. There is doubt that hard work will eventually pay off and help your business.

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