10 Ways to Improve Your Google Rank in 2022

In today’s market, no matter the industry, all businesses are striving to be first at everything they can be. There are plenty of aspects where the competition is on. Google rankings are certainly one battlefield where all businesses look to dominate and to be number one. More than anything, you would do your best to get your business on the front page of every single search that can be linked to your firm and the services or products you provide. But, what if you aren’t there yet? If you are nowhere to be found on Google front pages it is time to improve your Google rank. Let’s see how you can get it done.

Best ways to improve your Google rank

There are more than a few ways to improve your Google rank. All of them are excellent ways to boost your business in 2022. However, be cautious when making your choice. There is a method to the madness with every single technique. Choose the one that you are sure you can facilitate. Here are your best options.

After working on how to improve your Google rank, a woman checking a google search on a laptop.
Pay special attention to your Google ranking since Google is the number one search assistant on the market.

1. Pick the URL and do not change it

The choice of your URL can in a big way impact the performance of your website. That is why we must insist that you stick with your chosen URL. If for some reason you just must make a change, always use proper redirects. In that case, Google will have to once gain index your pages. However, if your current URL doesn’t carry serious weight in the SEO world, a fresh start might not be a bad idea. For the sake of your website, be certain that you make the wiser choice.

2. Keep an eye on your current ranking

Very often you will see it referred to as rank on a search engine results page (SERP). It is very important to know which keywords are relevant for your business. Once you determine the keywords, you can check them on SERP. There are excellent SEO tools that can help you with this. SEMrush and Raven seem to be the most popular.

3. There is always a need for speed when it comes to Google

Google is very much focused on user experience. Slow-loading web pages give everything but an impressive user experience. Hence, Google will give them a poor ranking grade. For that reason, you want to ensure fast and smooth browsing. Consequently, your visitors will not only stay longer on your website, but they will also return. There are plenty of online tools that will help you test your download speed.

A speed tracker on a car lit up in the dark.
Google is quite affectionate towards speed, so make sure your web pages have impressive download times.

4. Keep updated on Google Analytics

If this is something you haven’t started already, get to it immediately. This is the best possible way to keep up with what is really going on your website. Google Analytics will help you with the following categories:

  • website download speed
  • current and passed traffic trends
  • website sign-ups
  • keyword standings
  • and many other important analytics

The best part is that is it created by Google, so what can be a better way to see if Google appreciated what you are offering.

5. Use citations to improve local SEO

Citations are a simple and excellent way to give your SEO a boost. By building citations – stating your business information on different platforms, you are giving your business the best possible exposure.

But, don’t be fooled. Citations are simple to do but can be difficult to maintain. For that reason, you can leave this type of SEO improvement to AZ Citation Services. Professional citation services will make sure your citations are always flawless.

6. Use keywords in a natural way

It is very hard to trick Google. It has little, but very intelligent bugs that crawl up and down your pages. They are very fard to trick. Thus, we don’t recommend you try to buy jamming keywords where ever you can. Don’t bank on keywords being of any help if they aren’t used naturally. The context of their use is very important. Well-written and clear content will be very much appreciated by Google. Therefore, don’t try to fake it and make it. It most likely won’t happen.

7. Create high-quality content

Just like incorrectly used keywords, Google will recognize poorly written content. Google created an ETA guide. ETA stands for:

  • expertise
  • authority
  • trustworthiness

When creating content, try to embody everything that ETA stands for. If you do, you can be certain you will improve your Google rank.

8. All websites must be mobile-friendly

As time passes, more and more online searches are being done on mobile devices. As we are more on the go, so is our web history. So, imagine if someone was to visit your web pages that aren’t mobile-friendly. What would be the outcome? Since your user experience is not up to par, your visitors will move along to your competitors.

A woman with pink nails holding a cellphone.
Very often people would even search items online even when planning to go to the actual store. That is how dominant searches on mobile devices have become.

9. Have a solid website architecture in place

Once again we focus on user experience. That is very much what Google is about. So, once someone visits your website you want to make sure that is exactly what they will get – an awesome user experience! The information must be easily accessible and clearly worded. If there are too many clicks involved to get to what is needed, your bounce rates will likely increase. That is the last thing that you want. Having impressive website architecture will ensure returns to your pages and longer session times.

10. Watch your title tags

It would be best to have tags for each page. It is an excellent place to incorporate keywords. Also, it is an awesome way to avoid duplicate content. Plus, when speaking about tags, we should also touch base with the importance of meta descriptions. Use them to provide the content purpose. It is a magnificent way to attract the visitor’s attention.

Be consistent and follow the trends

It is safe to say that you cannot improve your Google rank overnight. It takes significant planning and invested time to get where you want to be. So, get ready for a ride, because the benefits are great, but they do not happen instantly. Plus, Google SEO trends change very often. Thus, what was important last year might not be this year. In the end, if you want to improve your Google rankings keep up with the current trends and stay consistent. By doing so your SEO success is closer than you think.

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