7 Awesome Strategies for Boosting Your Social Media Shares

As a powerful means of communication, different social media channels have become strong marketing tools. Anyone with an interest in promoting its business services and products can use them. Their efficiency is reflecting in the fact that they allow easy sharing of information. And there is no better way to spread any news than to place it in front of a huge audience for consumption. Everyone is using social media, from small businesses and large companies to creative individuals and common people. However, you will need to use different strategies for boosting your social media shares, if you want to compete with others.

7 great strategies to improve your social media shares

There are numerous ways to improve your brand visibility by increasing the number of social shares. But, when you want to improve your online presence, some strategies are more effective than others. Social media shares not only allow you to display information about your business but to successfully engage with your targeted audience. And communication is an important factor when trying to establish firm relationships with potential customers. A good amount of social media shares may indicate your efforts are working. However, it’s advisable to collaborate with your SEO team, to benefit from everything in long term.

Two persons sharing information between their phones.
People can easily share wrong information, so make sure it’s updated.

The benefits of social media sharing

Social media allows you to attract more attention. But besides the obvious, there are other benefits of social media sharing:

  • they help no matter what industry your business belongs to
  • social media shares are free
  • sharing exponentially increases the number of potential viewers
  • allow you to target a specific audience through various groups and networks
  • covers all locations in general

Now that you are familiar with some of the main benefits, let’s take a look at 7 effective strategies for boosting your social media shares:

  1. Optimize your social media profiles
  2. Use several social media platforms
  3. Create content worth sharing
  4. Use engaging visual materials
  5. Share up-to-date information
  6. Reach out to social media influencers
  7. Try the guest posting approach so they can share it further

1. Optimize your social media profiles

This is generally one of the most basic steps, but still, many businesses fail to deliver. One of the reasons you are not getting satisfactory attention may be quite simple. Your social media profiles are not completely optimized. Remember, if you want the audience to reach you, and further share information about your business, they need the right information. Since you want your business to be mentioned online, you have to provide accurate and consistent information across all platforms. These are basically citations or,  in other words, any online mention of your business. In the worst case, the wrong information can easily spread across social media, and your business will lose many potential customers. Not to mention the negative effect it can have on your relationship with your audience.

Thousands of pictures of people who are using social media.
You can’t cover every audience, focus on those that matter to your business.

2. Use several social media platforms

The best part about social media channels is that there is no limit to how many of them you can use. In theory, you can create profiles on numerous places, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and every other platform there is. But, in reality, it may not be so practical to do so. Don’t forget that for the best results, you will have to maintain your profiles all the time. Sometimes, it can consume a lot of resources, and may not be cost-effective. It’s always better to do research, decide what specific audience you want to target and create profiles where they gather the most.

3. Create content worth sharing

You will also need to provide content if you want people to share. And not just any content. It has to be quality content that people will find worth sharing. The reason for this lies in different perspectives. Social media is not a traditional marketing channel where you will only advertise your products, services, or the business brand itself. In essence, it’s a channel that places its main focus on the conversation. Not only on the mere broadcasting of services. That’s why you need to work hard to provide your audience with high-quality content that will engage them and motivate them to take action. In essence, you can do this by creating more “human” posts. Sharing all the ups and downs with them. Communicate with them in a less formal means. And, take the opportunity to ensure a good relationship by trying to solve any issues.

Given these points, here is a couple of ways to increase engagement:

  • Create contests
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Ask for feedback
  • Practice surveys and polls
  • and more

Remember, this process is not simple as it may seem. You will often have to learn through “trial and error” until you acquire the best results.

Shaking hands through the laptop monitor.
Networks like LinkedIn are good for establishing quality relationships with your clients.

4. Use engaging visual materials

Counting on that the humans are visual beings, you can increase the number of shares with visual materials. There is a reason we say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. With this in mind, try to include images in your posts. Also, videos can do wonders because people like to share them with each other. Not to mention that you can utilize YouTube, and Instagram videos in your SEO marketing campaign.

5. Share up-to-date information

Always try to keep your audience up-to-date with information. This is not only in case you are changing your business address or phone. This is also important in case your business organizes events or is holding press releases. Again, if you are selling products, your audience should be informed about sales and discounts in a timely manner.

6. Reach out to Social Media Influencers

This is today a popular, and very effective, trend to promote your business. There are numerous “influencers” winning large audiences on social media platforms. Reach out to them and ask them to review some of your products or services. This may eventually bring you the desired attention. Also, depending on the type of influencers, don’t hesitate to give an interview, especially if it’s a podcast.

7. Try the guest posting approach so they can share it further

If you want people to spread the word about your business, sometimes you have to provide a piece of content. If you are in a good relationship with other websites with social media channels, create content for them. In exchange, they will share and promote that content further, at the same time providing many benefits to your business. This way, you are getting access to their followers as well.

The “sharing” work typed on a typewriter.
You have to “share” if you want them to share as well.

The power of social media today is undeniable. It’s used for promotion, to connect people, for research, and plenty of other actions. If you want your business to succeed, you can’t ignore the existence of social media. On the contrary, you need to follow the trends and invest resources in strategies for boosting your social media shares.

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