7 Most Important Website Metrics to Track

You have to make sure to adapt your website to your users as much as you can as frequently as you can. This is because the online world changes each second. New things appear every day as well as new ideas, concepts, and plenty of other things. This is why maintaining a website is a full-time job and you need to have someone professional doing that for you. Outdated websites do not manage to get good search engine rankings. And in the digital world, this is one of the most important things. Your search engine rankings are important as this determines just how easily people will be able to reach your website in your area, country, or the entire world. The thing that will never change is the need to track your website’s performance. This is something you constantly have to be tracking and it is SEO. Your SEO needs to be good in order for your website to rank highly. SEO consist of important website metrics. And AZ Citation Services is here to tell you what are the seven most important website metrics to track.

The number of visitors

SEO checking.
Check just how many visitors your website has weekly.

One of the most important website metrics to track is the number of visitors you have on your website. Make sure you do these checks at least once a week. This can tell you a lot about your website. And when you are checking the number of visitors, you will get loads of useful information that can help your business or the website do better. When checking just how many visitors you have you will also be able to see which web pages have been most visited and how much time people have spent on each and every one of them. This will tell you a lot about what is the type of content you need to include more on your website or what products or services are most wanted by your clients and customers.

In order to attract people to your website, you need to create content people will want to read. Backlinks are a great way to build traffic on your website. If you do not know what backlinks are, they are basically links that lead to your website on other people’s websites that have a similar target audience. Having ad campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks is another very good way to bring more people.

Devices used to access your website

Electronic Devices.
Certain devices are used more than others. Find out which ones.

One of the things people hate the most is when the website is not optimized properly for the device that they are using. This is why it is also possible to check what are the most common devices used to access your website. Is it a laptop, an IOS smartphone, or an Android smartphone? You can also see which browsers have been used mostly. To tell you right away the most common three browsers are Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Make sure to optime your website for all devices and browsers but these surely are important website metrics to track.

Interactions of visitors on the website

The third out of seven important website metrics to track is the interaction of the visitors with your website. What does this mean? Well, you can actually check which of your web pages have been most frequently visited. If you have an online shop, for example, you can check which clothing item category is most looked at. This will tell you a lot about the needs of your buyers and you will know which type of clothing items to focus more on adding to the shop.

Page load speed

People have become very impatient.

Does it not bother you when a website is taking forever to load up and you are certain that your internet is working? If not, you are one of the rare people on this planet. As we live in a world where information is always needed and it is needed fast, slow loading pages are not ranked well on search engines. This is because as soon as people see that a webpage is taking more than just two to five seconds to load, they exit it. This tells the search engine your webpage has a high exiting rate which is why your website will rank much lower than it might.

Keyword rankings

Using keywords is very important but keyword building is a long process. This is surely one of the most important website metrics to track and it is one of the hardest things to do. Keyword building takes a lot of time. You need to make sure to measure your keyword rankings every two weeks. But you also have to make sure not to surpass the best keyword density for search engines.

Conversion rate

Another thing to pay attention to is the conversion rate on your website. This tells you just how many people have finished something that they have started doing on your website. For example, if you have an online store, a lot of people might just fill up their cart and never make an order. This might imply that you need to lower your prices a bit so that some of them complete their purchase. Google My Business is a good tool to use!

Returning visitors

Last but not least is the number of returning visitors. The more of them the better of course. This tells the search engine that people find your website to be reliable or full of high-quality content. This is why it will then get a higher search engine ranking.

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