Building Citations

Expose your business in the most relevant directories, improve your rankings, and get more leads with our Citations Building Service.

In order to track your success, improve your brand’s visibility, and ultimately boost rankings, you should use a professional citations building service. Get in touch with AZ Citation Services, consult with our representatives, and order the package that suits your needs. Opt for universal, niche-related, or geo-targeted/location-specific citations and increase the trust of potential customers.

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Make your company visible in the see of opportunities by building citations

Improve your overall brand visibility by using citations building service

Whether you are selling a product or a service, making a brand out of your company is imperative in order to grow your business and earn money. Using citations building service is necessary if you wish to create a visible and authoritative brand. Placing your company in the online directories makes your brand verified and people recognize you as a legitimate business, which provides you more leads.

On the other hand, having citations improves your online presence from the SEO perspective, which means Google gives your website more credit, hence pushes you up the search result pages. Which ultimately culminates in more leads and potential customers.

Why AZ Citation Services

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  • Saves your time and resources
  • Professional copywriters create high-quality descriptions
  • Over 10 years of experience in the market
  • A holistic approach to SEO and citations to improve local rankings
  • Citations manually submitted in two-weeks maximum
  • Complete transparency and shared access to all listings
  • Scalable packages and contracts per orders
  • Covers all niches and locations
  • Over 1500 citations in our database

The required elements of the citations – NAP

In order to establish a recognizable and trusted brand, you must build consistent and quality citations. That means every single piece of information about your company must be true and accurate. Both in real life and online. To accomplish this in the online world, your citations in business directories must be 100% correct at all times.

Achieving this is a time-consuming and delicate job. That is why we recommend hiring our professional citation building services. We make sure that your company is presented meticulously and authentically by ensuring your NAP matches in all online directories you are listed on.

The NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone Number. Google uses this information to determine which companies are suitable to show for geo-targeted searches. Therefore, in order to rank your company well in the local organic search results, we pay extreme attention to NAP consistency.

We can help you boost your local search rankings by maintaining your NAP correct

  • Name of the company – AZ Citation Services will ensure the proper spelling of your company name across all business directories throughout the web. This is crucial for search engines like Google to perceive your business as legitimate, so they cross-reference your NAP information across an array of websites.
  • The company’s full address – Whatever format of the address you choose as your representation (abbreviation or full words), we will make sure it’s consistent in all your directory profiles.
  • The phone number – Just like with your address, we will provide consistency in data, no matter the format you decide to go with.

It is also important to note that, even though it encompasses the name, address, and phone number, the basic information about your company must include your web address as well.

By using our local citation building service, you ensure the full consistency of data all throughout the web. Starting from your website, leading on to your social media accounts to business directories listings.

If there is a possibility to show a more detailed description of your company, we will use relevant keywords in order to increase your SEO efforts. That way Google will start working to your advantage and show your company at better ranking positions. With our help and an engaging call to action, you will have customers come to you. Instead of pressuring them with aggressive marketing.

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Boost your local search rankings with the right kind of business directories

Choose the type of business directory you need

Not all citations carry the same value to your SEO and visibility efforts. The value depends on the directory you use to promote your business, so managing a citation portfolio is paramount. We have the knowledge, the sources, and the ability to properly place your company citations on relevant platforms. Choosing the right place to present your business will allow people to easily find you, increasing your chances of getting leads and ultimately gain profit.

There are three types of citations:

  1. Universal/general citations – The most famous and used ones, where you can post yourself if you know how to do it and you have enough time.
  2. Niche related citations (or industry-specific citations) – The authoritative and credible sources in every industry that come from established websites in a niche community. Using them boosts your chances of getting quality traffic and leads, but they are not very easy to get access to.
  3. Geo-targeting citations – Citations in location-specific business directories. They can encompass a country, state, city, and more. Using exact location domains for showing citations, we target people in the unique area, increasing the local SEO efforts and finally – conversion rates.

Pricing Plan

Universal Citations

$4 each

List your citations in familiar and usually national business directories (such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, BrownBook, etc.)

Niche/Local Citations

$5 each

Submit your citations in directories specific to your industry and location (such as USA Moving Reviews, Porch, Lawyers, Locksmith Directory, Company Listing NYC etc.)

Getting the citation you need is easy

Building citations is a tedious and monotonous endeavor, subjected to errors. Making mistakes is easier than you think while consistency is of extreme importance. By hiring our citations building service you can ensure both consistency and flexibility while saving your valuable time. Since it’s very important to tailor citations to your industry, you should choose wisely. Follow these effortless steps to get premium quality citations.

Order custom citations

Select the number of Universal and Niche/Local Citations you wish to purchase. We will make sure your company is listed in:

  • 10 – 150 Recognizable and usually national business directories – Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, BrownBook, etc.
  • 5 – 20 Directories specific to your:
    1. Industry 
      • Moving industry
      • Law firms
      • Home improvement
      • Real estate
      • Locksmith directories
      • And many more industries
    2. Location 
      • Company listings NYC or
      • Any listing for specific USA location – state, county, or city.

If the industry or a location that you are interested in is not stated, feel free to make an inquiry and we will provide you with solutions. Contact us for a monthly subscription. 

We can also offer an analysis of your existing citations, no matter where they are listed. In case there is a need for updates, we will detect and correct inconsistent information and remove duplicates for a one-time charge of $25.

Submit your business info

After you contact our citations building service, choose your package of universal, niche, and geo-targeted citations and pay, we will get in touch to obtain the data necessary to build your citations. The NAP, website address, and other significant info must be accurate and consistent with the already existing online data. If that is not the case, we suggest accepting our additional services for only $25 so we can manage the corrections and data unification.

Your citations are live in 2 weeks

Once we get all the necessary info, we create complete and comprehensive citations for a fitting business directory in 2 weeks. Our team of copywriters writes descriptions, based on services and relevant keywords. We place your citations on the highest quality local or niche-related business directories first and then continue to less familiar listings from our extensive database.

Get better exposure and improve your SEO

It is very important to state that we do the entire process manually, using all valuable information. This gives us the opportunity to adjust your citations to specific directories and provide you with top-notch listings. Not only this will help to represent your company as a reliable and respectable business, but it will also improve your local rankings from the SEO perspective.

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Let people easily find your business by using citations building service

Have control over your citations

Once our job is finished, you get a report with all the live listings we have created. You are also provided with usernames and passwords for the websites in case you wish to maintain your citations on your own.

However, if you lack the time or wish to avoid making mistakes when updating numerous business directories, we can refresh all your citations. Get in touch to talk about options.

Opt for our quality and affordable citations building service

Approach your potential clients in an effective and professional way, by using our quality citations building service. Contact AZ Citations Services and save time and resources while covering important niches and locations with your citations. Use citation building for local SEO presentations and improve your ratings organically while owning your listings. Order citations now and have professionals help you represent your company in the best way possible.