Can you have multiple GMB accounts?

Very often, business owners have doubts about managing GMB accounts. Managing a GMB account takes time, energy and patience, to make sure your business is presented in the best way possible. However, the struggle becomes even stronger, when you need to manage more than one account. So, in this article, AZ Citation Services experts are going to answer all the common questions about multiple GMB accounts and share some tips on how to manage them properly. Let’s dig in!

Why is it important to accurately manage GMB accounts?

No matter how many of those you need, each Google My Business account needs to be well-managed. The reason is quite simple. Users use Google to find any locations, services, or goods they need. Therefore, to make your company visible and on top of these search results, it needs to have a presentable GMB account. Furthermore, the information you post there needs to be accurate and up-to-date at all times. In recent times, the global pandemic has caused many businesses to change working hours, ways of operating, and even locations, which is additionally confusing the users. That’s why an accurate GMB listing is an essential step of the online presence of each business.

google maps
GMB listings are very important so the users can find a business much faster.

So, can you have multiple GMB accounts?

The answer is – yes, you can manage more than one Google My Business account. However, you need to be legitimately operating two separate businesses to be able to create different listings for them. Furthermore, each of the businesses needs to have a unique TAX ID, separate phone number, and be separately registered with a federal agency. This will make them unique entities that can be registered as separate GMB listings.

Can you manage multiple locations?

In case you own a business that’s physically present in several locations, the best solution is to create a Location Group. It’s an easy way to manage different locations, and also share this management with multiple users. You can do this from the ‘Manage Locations’ menu. Add a group of locations. This step will allow you to share the work with other users – assign tasks to different users for each of the locations. It’s a time-saving technique that proves to be very efficient.

Important GMB updates

As we mentioned, accurate GMB profiles are essential for each business. They help customers find you faster, learn new information and gain trust as they are not faced with confusing or inaccurate information. The most important parts of each GMB listing are the basic ones – name, address, telephone number, website, and opening hours. All of these need to be correct and immediately updated if changed. Furthermore, there are some other important updates you should include in regular GMB maintenance:

  • photos – visuals are always an advantage in online business presentations. Customers can learn more about your goods or services, and opt for them much faster;
  • description – even though you might think it is all clear, some users need a description of your business to understand what is really about. Furthermore, an informative, yet concise description will ensure users find you faster. Google will know what your business is offering and be able to put it inappropriate search results. That’s why GMB is an important part of your SEO strategy, too.

The risks

Due to lack of information, people often list two or more businesses that are actually ineligible to be separate GMB listings. This is something you should avoid, as it brings the risk of Google penalties. It often results in Google suspending the problematic listings, along with all the reviews. Therefore, be sure to check if the listings you create are legally separate entities.

a person uses laptop to manage multiple GMB accounts on Google
Maintain updated information on all of your multiple GMB accounts.

Tips for managing multiple GMB listings

To make the process even less complicated, we’ve gathered a list of useful tips that will help you understand the logic, and run your listings carefree.

Shared location

Two entities could share a location, but that’s it. Make sure that if you add listings from the same location, you also add separate names and phone numbers. Don’t combine the names, even though one of the two businesses could be contained inside another.

Shared branding

Big companies often have different departments. To be able to create multiple listings for each of these, the same brand name shouldn’t be a problem. However, the GMB name should clearly state the department, and also have a unique phone number.

Don’t create a new listing before checking the old ones

To create a new GMB listing properly, it is necessary to check if there’s already a listing you can claim. This will avoid the problem of duplicate listings, and save you a lot of time.

google screen on a mobile phone
Google can use penalties for all the ineligible multiple GMB accounts.

Contact a pro

Business citations, along with GMB listings can be time-consuming for business owners. Furthermore, lack of knowledge and experience can lead to mistakes and don’t bring as many benefits to the business. That’s why it is a great idea to trust the building citations to a pro, and don’t worry about accurate and updated citations of your company.

Check for updates

Google teams are doing their best to improve GMB and the way businesses update their information. That’s why it is necessary to regularly check for new features and updates regarding GMB listings. These can help you learn some new tricks, start using new features and make management much easier.


As it was stated in the article, you can have and easily manage multiple GMB accounts. However, consistency and accuracy should always be the priority. Trust a pro or invest time and energy to make sure your business is properly presented in the world of Google.

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