Citation Cleanup

Detect and analyze existing listings, update inconsistent information, and remove duplicates to improve exposure.

Providing relevant, consistent, and accurate information to potential clients is paramount if you wish to establish trust. AZ Citation Services offers not only expert citation building but also professional citation cleanup to ensure all your business directories are uniformed. Get in touch with us, order your universal, niche-, or location-specific citations and have us edit or refresh all your existing citations promptly and easily.

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Opt for our citation cleanup services to improve your listings

The importance of citation consistency

With the proper online presentation of your company, you promote a legitimate business and get more leads. Building citations provides accurate information about your business to potential customers and SEO material to search engines in order to properly rank you and increase your online visibility.

Having correct NAP in all business directories is essential to ensure citation consistency. The NAP stands for:

  • The complete name of the company,
  • The exact current address,
  • A full and up-to-date phone number.

Besides these elements, every citation should contain your company’s website, additional information, and a call to action.

Placing inaccurate NAP elements to any business directory can affect your SEO efforts and impact your local search ratings negatively. More importantly, it can result in perceiving your business as not serious enough. The exact and congruent details about your company are imperative to ensure business legitimacy and customer’s trust.

Why AZ Citation Services

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  • Saves your time and resources
  • Professional copywriters create high-quality descriptions
  • Over 10 years of experience in the market
  • A holistic approach to SEO and citations to improve local rankings
  • Citations manually submitted in two-weeks maximum
  • Complete transparency and shared access to all listings
  • Scalable packages and contracts per orders
  • Covers all niches and locations
  • Over 1500 citations in our database

How do citation cleanup services work?

Citation cleanup encompasses manual detecting, editing, and updating of your already existing citations and removing the duplicates. AZ Citation Services provides citation cleanup service by taking the following actions.

  • Manually discovering and editing inaccurate and duplicate citations.
  • Extensively analyzing all existing citations (on the websites in your chosen package) to find discrepancies in names, addresses, phone numbers (NAP) and then correcting/unifying them and eliminating duplicates.
  • Removing all inaccurate citations or information from business directories.
  • Adding business descriptions to all the directories from your chosen package.
  • Upgrading your citations with photos, categories, and keywords where it is possible.
  • Sending detailed reports with links to your listings.
  • Delivering citations in two weeks.
  • Providing support even after we finish the job and you become the owner of your listings.
  • Helping you refresh your company’s data whenever is necessary for a one-time fee.
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Getting the proper citations is easy with the help of our professionals

Gain control over your online presence

By hiring AZ Citation services, you will gain and maintain control over your citations. You can boost local rankings by building and managing quality citations, whether your portfolio is filled with:

  • universal citations (well-known business directories),
  • niche-related citations (directories for different industries) or
  • geo-targeted citations (location-specific directories).

Building citations in chosen directories and citation cleanup service ensure consistency in all your current citations. Unlike some other citation services providers, we charge a one-time fee for your package, after which you become the owner of your citations. We never edit or downgrade your citations after you are finished using our services.

Pricing Plan

Universal Citations

$4 each

List your citations in familiar and usually national business directories (such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, BrownBook, etc.)

Niche/Local Citations

$5 each

Submit your citations in directories specific to your industry and location (such as USA Moving Reviews, Porch, Lawyers, Locksmith Directory, Company Listing NYC etc.)

Steps to getting quality citations

By using our services, you are not coerced into recurring, costly contracts in order to maintain your citations. This is how the process works:

  • You order the citation package. Choose universal, niche-, or geo-targeted business directories, and pay a one-time fee. After we receive your order, you get to fill out an info-confirmation sheet where you submit basic information about your business. Contact us if you want more citations or to apply for a monthly subscription.
  • We manually build your citations and audit all the existing ones. Different data across directories can confuse search engines, so the NAP consistency is mandatory and usually includes citation cleanup – refreshing current citations and eliminating duplicates. You can also opt for this service individually after you have already built the citations you wanted and you just need data equalization.
  • Your citations become live in two weeks when you become their owner. We provide you with login information for each directory where it is possible, so you can update them yourself, like Google My Business, at any given moment. We are always at your disposal for this service if you wish to save time and ensure the accuracy and consistency of your citations.

The benefits of hiring citation cleanup service

  • One-time fee contracts – keep citations live and up-to-date for reasonable prices and no recurring costs.
  • Listings ownership – you are not renting listings, you can access them when you wish or let us edit them.
  • Full control over the citations package and quality– make a custom portfolio and have quality, consistent citations in universal or specific directories you are interested in.
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Boost your SEO efforts with consistent citations

Contact AZ Citation Services to improve your listings

Use the citation cleanup services with no recurring fees to improve your previously made listings. With the help of our experienced copywriters, you will have quality, hand-built citations in renowned business directories. Get in touch with AZ Citation Services and order your citation package to increase your online presence, boost local ranking, and promote your business as a legitimate and reliable option.