Citation Ordering

Follow the steps below for a custom plan of Citations.


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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How can I order the Citations?

    You will leave your company or personal email on our form (through which we will contact you later) and select the state in which your company is located, the number of universal Citations you want to order, and/or the number of niche/location Citations.
    Payment should be made in the next step.
    After payment, we will contact you shortly for further information.

    What happens if our company listing already exists in the business directory?

    Before we start creating new listings that will meet the needs of your company, we will complete a detailed analysis of existing Citations and then choose new ones tailored to the category, location, and the selected industry.

    In what time span can I expect the delivery of the order and what do I get in the end?

    The expected time for order delivery of your Citations is 2 weeks. Finally, we will send you an e-mail report with a full list of all the listings we have created for your order (with URLs), as well as login information, when possible. That way you can access and update the listings in the future if you need to.

    What happens If I need to update my citations in the future?

    - We can update the Citations that we have built for you OR those for which you can provide us with login details.
    - One-time fee of $1 per edited citation.
    - You will receive a report with new URLs and login details within 2 weeks.

    Good to know:
    Sometimes it happens that some listings "expire" or that the directory doesn't accept any changes. In that case, we can, with your approval, create a new listing with the appropriate business information.

    What company information is needed to create Citations?

    In order for the listing to be complete and consistent, it is necessary to have the same information about your company everywhere. The main information is the NAP (name, address, and telephone). Apart from that, you should also provide us with: the logo, website URL, company e-mail, working hours, payment methods, social networks, additional photos of your business. We will extract appropriate keywords and create descriptions of your company to place in listings.

    What are my payment options?

    We accept online payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

    Why choose manual listing creation?

    Please note that we currently do not have a platform, and we create each citation manually. We also make sure to manually check if you already have a listing posted on a specific site, as many automated platforms do not show every existing listing. We do not share a list of citations before posting them, as we are much more flexible and our database is a lot broader than the “100 general directories” list that is easily accessible online.

    What are niche citations and why do they matter?

    Niche citations are citations that are highly specific to your industry. These are listings that contain a specific category/industry for your business or, for example, the directory name itself contains a keyword that is relevant to your business. These citations are more valuable and therefore have a higher price. Our list of citations contains high value “niche citations” and a number of business listings outside the aforementioned directory.

    How do citations help with local SEO?

    Local SEO Citations are necessary for local search ranking because they provide trust to potential clients from the area. When there are multiple credible sources with the same accurate information about a company, it signals to search engines that the business is both reliable and legitimate. We can provide you with location Citations as well as with Citations relevant to your business category. That will certainly improve your company's presence and increase visibility when potential customers search for the services you provide.

    What is the difference between Citation Building vs Citation Audit vs Cleanup Service?

    Citation Building is when we create the Citations for your company (with the proper NAP and additional information) and list them in general/location/niche-specific directories.
    We perform Citation Audit to find previously made Citations and establish whether or not they contain accurate information about your business.
    Citation Cleanup Service is used to edit/correct the incomplete/inaccurate data in your existing Citations and replace them with the correct ones. 

    Can you create business listings with a hidden address?

    Yes, we can create listings with a hidden address. Depending on your business, there are different reasons to use this option - keeping your privacy, having a virtual address, having your employees work online, operating in another area of service, different from your office location...