Clean up your Local Citations in 6 Easy Steps

  1. NAP variations
  2. Discovering incorrect NAP variations
  3. Proceeding with the web scouting with the help of useful tools
  4. The cleanup process
  5. Record and repeat the steps
  6. Fixing the listings

#1 Write down some NAP variations before you begin cleaning up your local citations

Collect all information about your business. List them and color code them for better data management. List all proper variations in yellow, and mark other incorrect variations in red. That’s how you will have a better idea of all NAP variations. The more variations you identify, the better.

#2 Take time to discover incorrect NAP variations

Once you collect all the information you need, it’s time to further your research. In this step, you will have to find as many incorrect NAP variations as possible. Simply follow these steps to save up plenty of time.

  • First and foremost, pay attention to the BBB Listing – You’ll find additional business names, phone numbers, and addresses on BBB‘s business listings.
  • Confirm the information with the Secretary of State’s Filing for Business – Fortunately, there are online platforms for the majority of Secretaries of State. There you can find out the business owners and all the necessary data. Therefore, you can start searching for duplicates here. Don’t forget to check if the business has been previously filed under a DBA or a false business name.
  • Don’t skip on changes made in Google Map Maker – Search for a business on Map Maker and then check the History tab. Just select “Show All Changes” and you’ll have all edits displayed.
  • List all NAP Variations referring to your Business – Keep in mind that Google My Business integrates all reviews on other websites if Google recognizes your business. All you have to do is go to the Manage Reviews section and check Reviews from around the world. Next, view the listings of all reviews displayed and then check the NAP for that particular citation.
a guy happy for improved rankings
Better online visibility is crucial to every business.

#3 Use tools to simplify the process of cleaning up local citations

After you list all possible NAPs for your business and see how your NAP is listed and reviewed across the world, it’s time to check the top directories. Instead of doing it manually, use these tools to help you further identify inconsistent citation sources:

  • Synup Has a free scan feature that shows specific NAPs across top citation sources. It also identifies incorrect citation listings.
  • WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder – Thanks to the free version of WhiteSpark’s local citation finder, you can search for inconsistencies across top directories. All you have to provide is a business name, location, and contact number.

There are other tools that help a lot with identifying citation problems – Don’t skip on tools such as Advice Local, Moz Local, and Universal Business Listing.

#4 The cleanup process will go smoother than ever thanks to previous steps

After you complete the previous steps, the very clean-up process will go easier. Good data management is the key to a successful cleanup process. Let’s take a look how your business spreadsheet should look like:

  • Website – Here you should add the address of the citation source here, for easy tracking.
  • Business Name and Address 
  • State and Zip 
  • Links – If applicable, add the URL that your citation is connected to.
  • Live Listing – URL of citation here is good for easy reference.
  • Issues – Mention all issues with the specific citation.
  • Duplicates – Also add the URL of any duplicates.
  • Status

#5 Record everything and repeat the steps

Now you have an idea of how to do the citation cleanup. However, it doesn’t end up there. Make sure to send an email or contact the directory site. Don’t change the color of the status column until you ensure the citation is perfect. Also, some of the directory sites allow you to claim the listings directly. On the other hand, some directory sites will ask you to contact them for verification.

a person monitoring stats on a tablet
Don’t skip on useful tools that could save you a lot of time.

#6 Don’t forget to reach out to the websites to fix your listings

Getting your listings corrected is something you must do from time to time. It helps both to clean up your local citations and to keep your brand’s rankings on top. So don’t wait further and complete the final step and have peace of mind for some period. Some websites will have the possibility to automatically claim your listings. Nevertheless, be prepared to take a few calls. Finally, don’t forget that building citations takes time. Therefore, better to start now and maintain everything continuously. Or, better yet, get in touch with AZ Citation Services and leave this comprehensive task to professionals. You will save time and nerves and ensure high-quality local citations.

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