Guide to Google My Business Descriptions

One of the most fiercely disputed local SEO ranking elements is the usage of Google My Business descriptions, which are frequently the first place customers check for further details about a company. According to Google, a business description must emphasize the distinctiveness of your company. Giving information about your company, including your services and products, is another focus of this sector. Additionally, your GMB description must be sincere and truthful. Entirely irrelevant or seemingly unrelated content about your business is not accepted. Therefore, choose words that are relevant. Keep in mind that this summary needs to be short but accurate. It is brief yet has all the required details. It seems difficult to squeeze every important aspect of your business into a brief explanation, don’t you think? You must therefore have a plan. Google My Business descriptions will have a huge impact.

Google My Business descriptions are important

The distinctive qualities of your company should be highlighted in published content. You can use the description box to add essential facts about the services and goods you offer, as well as the goals and background of your company. In order for your customers to understand your business, you should be straightforward and truthful with the information that you present, concentrating on relevant and helpful content. Your business description will be a part of your listing on Google. You will see the following

  • Make your offer crystal clear right away
  • Tell what makes you unique
  • Avoid coming off as slick and avoid links
  • Update your information
  • Why bother putting a description?
  • Writing your business description
Google logo on the screen
The Google business descriptions are more useful than you think

When you are writing your business description be very careful. Acknowledge the elements you need to have in it. You will have an easier time because you will know what to add and what you need to avoid. You can visit AZ Citation Services for more information about this topic. They will help you learn how to be on top of the digital marketing field. You will be able to use their knowledge to your advantage and all the information will be in one place.

Make your information crystal clear

Stop avoiding the subject. Get right to the point in the very first sentence about the goods and services your company provides. This can be combined with other details like your location and how long you’ve been in existence. For instance- We are an independently run women’s health and fitness institution that is serving New York with customized exercise and diet plans for more than 10 years. The clearer you are the more people will react positively to your description. Every single person on this planet wants to Google a service they need and find the perfect match. You will allow this to happen by having a good description of your business. People will easily see that your business is offering what they need.

Google My Business descriptions need to be unique

Use this area in your Google My Business description to highlight the unique qualities that set your company apart from the competition. Google has said the following before, published material needs to emphasize the distinctive qualities of your company. You can use this box to add essential facts about the services and goods you offer, as well as the goals and background of your company. The more distinctive or unique you are in the description of your business the easier will be for people to find you. Therefore, don’t be scared of being unique after you do a citation cleanup. It can be more than beneficial to remove untrue information or spam from your business. If you don’t have the time or knowledge on how to do this. You can always choose the option of hiring professionals to do it for you. They will be fast and spotless.

One unique pink umbrella among many black ones
When writing your description be as unique as possible

Avoid coming off as slick and avoid links

Sales pitches have no business being made in your Google My Business description. In fact, Google’s own list of things to remove from your business description includes promotions, prices, and deals. Leave out the links. Another thing that Google restricts in the descriptions of company listings? the HTML code or URLs. Simply put, links of any type. If Google notices anything in your business description, such as sales pitches or links, it may flag your page. Use keyword phrases, it’s important to choose your words carefully. Include keywords that are important to the services, area, clientele, and other aspects of your business. But cramming your content with keywords is never acceptable. So, avoid stuffing your content with keywords. Try to be as natural as possible when writing your description.

Update your information from time to time

Make sure the Google business description you provide for your company only contains true, essential facts about your name and goal. The idea is to help those who are seeing your listing. Nevertheless, you risk being reported for endorsing irrelevant information. If you don’t update your information if there are any changes.  Your Google My Business description is to give Google employees a quick, concise understanding of your brand’s goal and how it may help them. Make sure your description properly communicates the facts people need to know while also abiding by Google’s rules by using these techniques.

Why bother putting a description?

In reality, your Google listing has evolved into a one-stop shop for your clients. When they arrive, they want to learn everything they can about your company. Your Google description is set up so that clients may look up information about your company whenever it’s convenient for them. Don’t undervalue the impact of filling out all of your company’s information on your Google listing. You will be able to start building citations after this. This will push your business to the top. It will be in more places. Therefore, more people will see it.

Google My Business Descriptions as it will help you get more customers
The Google description will help people find the help they need without any problems

Write your Google My Business descriptions

Enter a good description of your company, including what you offer, what makes you unique, your background, and any other information that would be useful to customers. Instead of concentrating on specifics regarding promotions, prices, or sales, pay more attention to information about your company. In the Google My Business descriptions field, don’t go over 750 characters. There’s probably no need to recreate the wheel if your business has established a brand voice and you already have advertising material. However, you should tailor your business description to your particular business. Who will be better at explaining your story than you? Who is the expert in your industry? Make a conscious effort to allow your personality to come through so that your clients can see it.

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