How Do Google Map Citations Improve Your Local Search Rankings?

In today’s market, it seems that having an online presence if you own a business is an absolute must. However, having a website isn’t nearly enough if you want your business to succeed and push out your local competition. Since everybody lives online, on their smartphones and tablets, you must find a way to draw their attention to your business. Hence your website. In other words, you are looking to enhance your website’s traffic. The more people see what you have to offer, the more likely they are to do business with you in the future. A great way to empower your business, especially on a local scale, is by using Google Map Citations.

What are Google Map Citations?

The simplest explanation would be that citations are a mention of your business’s name on other websites. Very often, additional information would also be provided. Such as a phone number, address, etc. In a way, Google Map citations are used to promote your website. Consequently, generate additional business. Nevertheless, things are a tad more complicated then they seem.

A person browsing the night and looking at a website that was found thanks to Google Map Citations.
Nowadays everybody is constantly plugged in and online. 

How do Google Map Citations work?

The purpose of citations is for Google (or another search engine) to find your information stored on a different website. This way Google gets more confident in your business and the information that you provided. Which will in return result in better local SEO rankings. Thus, Google will be more likely to show your business to somebody searching the web when on the hunt for certain criteria. In return, there will be a greater chance for potential customers or clients to obtain your services or products that you offer. To make things happen, you must open a Google+ Local Business Page.

There are many different citation types

It is common for SEO experts to share different opinions in regard to which are the best citations. Only one thing is for certain, there are different types of local citations that will help you advance your local SEO. These are some of the most used choices:

  • Different business directories – Yelp is the most popular options
  • Local magazines and newspaper websites
  • Sector and industry-specific websites – such as Travelocity and TripAdvisor
  • Local newsletters and blogs
  • Certain social media websites

Certainly, there are many other citation options as well. While some might be a great option for your business, others may not. One size doesn’t fit all. So, choose wisely which citations will be used on your end to strengthen your business.

Facebook spelled out with white blocks that have black letters printed on them.
Facebook and other social media pages are a great place for citations.

Takedown your local competitors by using citations

In order to make the jump from average to exceptional and leave your competitors in the rearview mirror, you should have more citations then them. Yet, it is not all about the quantity. The quality and legitimacy of your data also play a major role in this process. Also, the number of Google Map citation will not matter if your data and information are not on point. Not only does the provided information have to be 100% correct, but it also must be the same on all platforms. Henceforth, in all citations. Otherwise, all the effort that you have put into this project will go to waste.

How to make a powerful local citation

At first glance, this might sound like a walk in the park. But, you shouldn’t be fooled. Making valuable Google Map Citations is much more difficult then you might think. Since it is one of the best tips on SEO ranking improvement, it only makes sense that is it not so easy to facilitate. Keep in mind that your citations will be evaluated not only by Google but also by internet users. That is why you want to have them on trustworthy and credible websites. For instance, Yellow Pages and Yelp are a great place to start. Many SEO experts insist that a citation should have seven citation points:

  1. Your company’s name
  2. Phone number – preferably a local phone number with a local area code
  3. Valid address – not a PO box or something virtual
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Zipcode
  7. Website URL – it can lead to your home page, but it can also lead to other important webpages on your website

Keep in mind that there are certain citations that provide far less information about a business. Some even insist that crucial information for citations can be cut down to only three segments. Thus, don’t be surprised to find different citations, with different information. Still, they are all used for the same purpose.

Online stats shown on a tablet.
There are ways to track your website’s traffic. This way you will be certain are citations improving your business.

You might run into potential issues

One of the problems that very often the making of citations is taken lightly. Which results in making a pore citation. Such citations are very hard to clean up and they can have the opposite effect from what was your original intent. Also, if you put all your eggs in the citation basket you might get burned. Citations are a great strategy. However, this shouldn’t be the only marketing strategy you use.

Choose wisely where to place your citations

Placement of citation is key when it comes to their effectiveness. For instance, if you own a legal firm, your citations shouldn’t be found on a website that is related to restaurants and food reviews. What would be the point? People that are looking for legal advice would never come across your information. Use common sense and think logically when making your choice.

You don’t have to do it on our own

If you are a business owner that wants to start using Google Map Citations but have no idea where to start, don’t give up just yet. There are plenty of businesses that can do your citations for you. In the end, they can also help you strengthen your SEO rankings by using backlinks and other strategies. Consequently, there will be more traffic and eyeballs pointed towards your business than ever before. So, if you aren’t using citations to promote your business start immediately. Make sure you are at least one step ahead of your competition.

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