How Local Citations Help Local SEO?

Local citations are one of the main components of local SEO and are a tactic that can give your local business a major boost. The first thing you should know about citations is that they can pretty much be found anywhere online. From obvious sources such as Yelp to social media apps, building citations across numerous directories will improve the chances for the success of your local business. And the mechanism and the connection between your business and success is simple. Local citations help local SEO which makes your business more discoverable to your future customers.

Obviously, we here at AZ Citation Services understand the importance and value behind building citations on local business directories. Considering the fact that citations are what we do for a living, we are fully qualified for shedding some light on this issue. Without further ado, let’s delve into the matter.

First things first – a few important facts about local citations

If this is your first time hearing about the term ‘local citations,’ it’s completely normal for you to be inquisitive. Local citations are an online mention of the name, address, or phone number of your local business. Hence, one can find local citations on social platforms, websites, and apps, or online business directories. The goal of citations is to help your local business become more discoverable to Internet users – but they also have a powerful impact on local search engine rankings. With that being said, it’s quite clear that local citations are one of the best ways to promote your business this year, and many other years that are ahead.

A question mark and a cup of coffee.
All you need to know are the basics of citations to understand how important they are.

Exactly how do local citations help local SEO?

Let’s just jump straight ahead to the topic of today’s article. By being a very important part of a successful local SEO strategy, local citations will increase the level of certainty that online engines have about your business. What that means is that Google will gather all the pieces of information they have acquired about your business. Now, it only makes sense that the more citations you have on a high-quality platform, the more trust will Google put in your business. On the other hand, if Google encounters many citations with inconsistent pieces of information, the trust in your business will plummet. And you can already imagine the havoc that will wreak on the ranking of your local business.

The reason why citations are crucial for search engine algorithms is that they are basically evidence that your business is credible and real. Or, at least, it serves as evidence for Google. You would be surprised to know just how many benefits a mention in an online news hub (or any other website that can’t easily be faked) would have for your business. And having lots of citations on such websites will signal to Google that your local business is active, busy, and popular. Plus, the more mentions you have online, the bigger the chances of people finding you.

Be cautious

But beware – citations can impact your business both negatively and positively. We have mentioned the clear advantages of local citations, and we even touched upon what happens when they contain inaccurate pieces of information. That’s why you need to ensure you create perfect citations that will be accurate, concise, and high-quality. It might sound like a lot of work to you now, but trust us – it will pay off before you know it.

The good and the bad - both ways in which local citations help local SEO.
As with everything else, local citations come with both positives and negatives.

It’s clear that local citations are an important ranking factor

If you bother to dig deeper into important ranking factors, you are bound to discover that local citations are the fourth most important factor. They are placed just behind Google My Business listings, link signals, and on-page signals. So if you ever doubted about investing in citation building, you have just uncovered all that you need to know. Considering the fact that popular citation sites usually dominate the first page in Google’s search results, most people who perform online searches will end up choosing one of the top results.

Be honest – if you perform an online search for a plumber or a handyman in your area, which results do you pay most attention to? Do you even bother to go beyond Google’s first page? If you don’t, you are definitely not alone. Most people will never go past the first page! It’s always easier to choose the first or the second option. And that’s precisely how local citations help local SEO – they make your business more discoverable. 

How many citations do you need for the optimal results?

A lot of business owners have the same question. Everyone would love to know what the optimal number of citations is. The truth is that the more citations you have, the better. Of course, this is true only if your citations contain all the necessary pieces of information and are written precisely. Not to mention that you need to focus on getting your citations on quality sites only. As you can imagine, this will be a huge investment time-wise. There isn’t a magic formula for building high-quality citations overnight. But there is a quicker and easier alternative – contacting us.

The word description spelled out with cubes.
A lot of time and effort is necessary if you want to create quality descriptions.

We here at AZ Citation Services offer our assistance to all types of businesses. Our citation services will help you promote your business by submitting brand info to relevant websites. We have a stellar track record and a complete understanding as to how local citations help local SEO. So contact us in order to build your perfect package and order your citations today! We cover all niches and business and have 10 years of experience. Not to mention a team of professional copywriters who have no problem delivering high-quality content. As per your request.

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