How long does it take for business information updates to be evaluated?

Now we will talk a little about business information updates and how long it takes to be evaluated. We will also talk about citations, their cleanup, and citation building. As you can see we have a lot of work in front of us. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to cover every little detail about this topic in one text. Luckily, AZ Citation Services has a fantastic blog with plenty of texts about this and similar topics. Now, we can start from the basics. First of all, we will cover BIA and what is it. Keep reading and soon enough you will be a pro!

What is BIA (business impact analysis)?

In the event of a tragedy, accident, or emergency, a company’s vital business processes are disrupted, and a BIA analyzes the resulting financial impact. In order to ensure an organization’s long-term viability, a BIA is an absolute must. An exploratory component is included, as well as a planning component, in order to identify any potential risks and vulnerabilities. BIAs are built on the premise that all parts of an organization are interdependent and must continue to function as a whole. If the event of a crisis occurs, some are more critical than most and require more funding and operational resources.

If, for example, the cafeteria had to be shut down, the firm might be able to function more or less regularly, but the data systems and the whole IT infrastructure would bring it to a standstill. BIA and risk assessment – also known as RA are sometimes conflated, but they serve different purposes in the process of creating a BCP (business continuity plan). This might sound a bit complicated right now. That’s ok. There are people who can help you. We will talk a little bit more about it later in the text of course.

working on BIA
BIA can be of huge help in case of some sort of emergency.

Who can make business information updates?

This is a very common question so we need to address it. Obviously, the business owner can update any time it’s needed. Usually, that happens when a business expands, changes its address, or something similar. When things like that happen it’s necessary to do a thorough citation cleanup or call someone to help you with that. But what if you are outsourcing this part of your business? That’s not a problem at all. The owner is not the only one who can do this job. Managers and pretty much anyone with access and permission to do so can.

If you are updating business information on big citation sites

Now let’s see this one. Something changed whether it was your phone number or address. You need to do some serious citation clean up obviously. But first, you need to do some business information updates. Obviously, you need to start updating on big sites like Yelp, Facebook, and such. Then there is the waiting game called evaluation.

Every day of the week, the Yelp team reviews user-submitted adjustments and company additions, and most are addressed within 24 to 48 hours. Complex problems, on the other hand, may necessitate additional time to resolve. The same goes for all major citation sites. We just researched Yelp first.

Another thing you need to know is that weekends don’t count. If you get a piece of information that your business information will be evaluated and updated within three days for example – chances are that means three work days.

opening facebook
Start updating pieces of information about your business from biggest to smallest citation sites.

What do other big citation sites have to say about business information updates?

We saw how long it takes for business information updates to be evaluated on Yelp, now let’s see what we found about other similar companies :

  • Foursquare has this on their website so it’s official: “New listings are created on a weekly basis but edits to existing listings should be quicker. Updates will go live within one to two days”
  • Neustar claims that the updates will be almost right away so that is a great piece of information and good job for them!
  • Data Axle (formerly Infogroup): ” It varies, depending on whether the data needs to be verified by the support staff” This is what they had to say which means it can be between a day and a month.
  • GMB – imidatley
  • Facebook – a day or two
  • Instagram – a day or two

All those sites can also be your best allies when it comes to citation building.

Google has the ability to make alterations to the information in your Google Business Profile without notifying you

Did you know about this? These alterations are frequently implemented without your knowledge. Even small changes to your  Google Business Profile can have a significant impact on your bottom line. It is your responsibility to be notified via email if your profile is altered in any way. This isn’t always the case, of course. As a result, it’s critical that you monitor your company’s profile and check for updates on a regular basis. That is not necessarily a bad thing of course. It can be good for you.

opening Google
It’s true what they say. Nowadays Google has a mind of its own. That is not a bad thing for us.

Last words on business information updates

We will talk about Yelp business information updates separately in a whole different text that you will be able to read on the AZ Citations blog. Hopefully, you learned something here and now you understand the importance of those updates and know how much will you need to wait for everything to be in order. In most cases, you will be waiting for less than a few days, which is great. In some, you will need to be a little bit more patient but it’s the way it is. You can’t speed up the process since it’s not up to you. If you have any problems with your citations make sure to outsource this part of your business and professionals will take good care of you. Good luck!

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