How Much Does Local SEO Cost? A Pricing Guide

If you are trying to make an SEO strategy, you should consider the cost. The costs can vary drastically so doing proper research on websites like AZ Citation Services is crucial. So, let’s find out how much does a local SEO cost!

Local SEO cost

Local SEO might cost as little as $300-$400 per month or as much as $5,000 per month, depending on the size of the company. There is less content created at the lower end of the costs. There are also fewer backlinks and signals. Companies at the upper end of the investment spectrum generally get fully managed local content. At those prices, you also get reputation management, local PR for local backlink creation, and more competition, keywords, and target market research.

The decision to engage in local search optimization and citation building is generally dependent on the competitiveness of the sector and the search phrases. This cost is determined not only by your company’s location and the local SEO package you select but also by the SEO agency you engage in and the level of the competition.

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Investing and providing proper local SEO cost will pay off!

Why do you need local SEO?

Local SEO aims to increase your business’s online exposure by having it featured on business listings, online review sites, and local searches. This, when paired with your regular organic and paid promotion, may help position you as an authority in your field. Local SEO is also an important aspect of expanding your digital empire, and knowing how much it costs and how valuable it is may have a significant influence on your ROI.

If you want to get the most out of your money, look for a firm where you can speak with someone eager to chat to you about your SEO objectives and progress, not just for the free consultation (sales presentation). You’ll need some clever people on your side, and the more the merrier.

Is local SEO worth it?

It’s not about being inexpensive when it comes to local search optimization; it’s about obtaining a decent return on your investment. To do all Google wants on your own and truly serve your business up to them and other search engines you would need to be a superhero. You’ll need to partner with a provider that can help you boost your prominence and relevance.

The fact is that some companies charge a premium because they have been in business longer and have more clients. It is not because they are any better or more qualified than a smaller, less expensive SEO firm that is hungry for your business.

At the same time, a smaller, inexperienced firm might affect your local ranking position. They can have you penalized by search engines, have your reviews removed, or even irritate your clients with their bad behavior. So it’s not the best idea to make a selection based just on local SEO price.

Why is there a big price gap?

If you hired a dedicated local SEO professional, they’d always base your investment on the places you service, the competition, and how long it takes that expert to implement the methods and techniques that produce results.

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SEO prices depend on what services are included.

They would create a tailored plan for your company that would fit perfectly into your entire growth strategy. That way the cost would be whatever money you want to spend for local optimization.

How are the costs determined?

You must first give some information about your company to acquire an accurate estimate of SEO cost from a marketer or agency. This will assist an SEO marketer in determining how much work will be necessary, the sort of material that will be required, and the time frame in which tasks should be completed. These crucial elements include:

  • What is the condition of your search presence right now?
  • The average selling revenue
  • Lead-to-sale conversion rate
  • Objectives of the campaign
  • When do you want to view the results?
  • How is the existing marketing budget divided?

This also helps to better understand why SEO costs can vary so drastically.

Types of local SEO

The price you pay will be determined by the pricing models you are interested in the search engine optimization package you require. You can categorize local SEO into three areas in general.


This is usually the cheapest option because it ensures that directories receive company information. This entails double-checking all contact information on sites like Yelp such as phone numbers, addresses, and emails. This is commonly known as a citation cleanup. However, this is only the essential information that Google utilizes for geographical search results. This alone will not improve your search ranking. However, if you simply operate in one place and want to target clients in a certain city or state, this may be sufficient.


These campaigns usually entail developing highly targeted adverts that run in a certain location for a set period. Pay-per-click commercials and social media campaigns that are highly localized to reach a geographic audience are examples of this. Small-scale SEO is intended for firms that serve a restricted geographic region. Also if they only need to target clients within a specified driving distance. This is advantageous in terms of keeping expenses down while addressing a highly relevant audience. Understanding how to optimize content to fit local search intent and come up with creative strategies to target consumers that satisfy the criteria is crucial.

Person developing an SEO strategy
Comprehensive plans offer the most for their money.


This type of service is more open in terms of giving you information on where are they spending your marketing dollars. Comprehensive SEO places a strong emphasis on KPIs like web traffic growth, conversion rates, and visibility. Moreover, they are all tracked through analysis reports. To help you quantify your ROI these plans have their ways. The reporting services supplied with these more comprehensive local SEO services should focus on-call monitoring and conversions.

Rankings, backlinks, analytics, and many more are some of the other major performance metrics that the comprehensive SEO packs cover. It should be obvious that the local SEO cost packages will climb as more complete services become available. They are, however, time-consuming. Specialized marketing initiatives, on the other hand, provide significantly more value and yield larger returns.

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