How to add or claim your Citysearch business listing?

You’ll come across Citysearch directories when looking for online listings in the USA to add your business information to. You can add a business listing to Citysearch, which is maintained by a firm called CityGrid, to increase the number of people who see it in your city. In this article, professionals from AZ Citation Services want to show you how to successfully add or claim your Citysearch business listing.

Why include your company in Citysearch?

Continue adding your company to as many reliable web directories as you can. Your online exposure will enhance by the listings you make (also known as citations), on different sites, and in search engine results. In addition to the advantages of search engine rankings, Citysearch has some extremely intriguing features. When you add or claim your Citysearch business listing, you can also try to connect customers and businesses. To get more people to click on your listing, Citysearch also offers advertising on its platform and provides customer deals.

How to add your Citysearch business listing and claim it?

Using ExpressUpdate, determine whether your company is listed on Citysearch. The fact that you can’t simply add your business to Citysearch’s website is a bit counterintuitive. We’ll start there since that is where they get all of their information from. Visit and perform a search to discover if your company lists there. Enter the name, number, or address of your company. You can also look at things that can help optimize your citations while adding your Citysearch business. Just in case they don’t have all of your information or they have outdated information, be sure to run a few separate searches. Once you’ve located your company, click “Claim Now” and go through the verification process.

Using ExpressUpdate, add your company to Citysearch

You will be sent to this submission form to submit your company’s information to ExpressUpdate after selecting “Add it now.” Provide the following details on the form:

  1. Company name
  2. Whole address including street, city, state, and postal code
  3. Your connection to the company
  4. A way to contact you by phone

After you complete these steps, click on Submit column. When you finish this step, a request for account creation will appear so that you can continue the verification process for your business listing.

Exploring listings

Your next step needs to be visiting the Citysearch website. You’ll be taken instantly to a location-based index. Its search engine performs adequately. A single search will turn up duplicates in numerous zip codes. But, if you are confident that there is a high possibility of duplicates, we advise searching all relevant zip codes. Due to Google’s poor indexation of Citysearch listings, using the “site:” search to find listings is ineffective. Nine times out of ten, we’ve discovered, Citysearch accurately represents Express Update. On each, you can anticipate finding the same profiles. Nevertheless, SEO citations may not always work. Each potential NAP variant always looks for separately. It’s time to claim your listings once you’ve located them.

A person writing how to add or claim your citysearch business listing
Exploring your listings will make it easier for listings to be made.

Manual listing claims

Taking control of your company listings has several benefits. But the procedure can be difficult. This is particularly valid if you frequently switch identities, phone numbers, and/or addresses. The thing you need to stop doing is repeating common citation errors to avoid improved SEO so you can add or claim your Citysearch business listing. Yext and other automated solutions could be alluring depending on your objectives. Your presence on Citysearch must be entirely correct given its ranking as one of the top local business directories. Thus, take charge of all profiles for your business.

Adding your listing to local directories

There are a variety of local business directories where you can submit your local business listing such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to boost your internet exposure. Consider submitting your company to directories like YellowPages, Yelp, SuperPages Facebook, Manta, City-Data, and MerchantCircle. These listings show up in the search results when customers look for your company online, making it simpler for customers to find you.

Getting expert assistance to add or claim your Citysearch business listing

Although adding your company to search engines and local directories is typically free, the procedure can take some time. You can employ experts to list your business if you lack the time or knowledge to do so. Companies like, SearchRank, and Search Influence will suggest by Moz, a community for smarter marketing, to assist you with listing your business on all major search engines and local business directories. The thing you can also do is add your business to the Croozi platform to freely promote your company’s name and services. These expert marketing firms can assist with content optimization as well, making your company stand out on search engine results pages.

Make it happen card
You can make it happen, just believe that your listing will attract many users!

How to deal with duplicates in the Citysearch business listing?

The Citysearch copies are a limited model. Consequently, removing duplicates from Express Update is the first step to deleting them from Citysearch. But, we always keep track of our duplicate URLs and make sure to check again in 60 days to make sure they don’t exist anymore. Be careful to fix your duplication scenario, whatever it may be. Duplicates are bad for local SEO, and Citysearch has long been one of the top sources for citations. We recommend you take all necessary steps to purge duplicate listings from Citysearch. It’s a crucial step on the road to Google’s first page.

Adding a new listing to Citysearch

Start by clicking “FAQs” at the bottom of the Citysearch webpage as you scroll down Click “How can I add my business to Citysearch” under the “Business Listings” section. You will be sent to a URL named Express Update by the response. The thing you need to pay attention to is the ideal keyword density for ranking. You will be prompted to search for your company by entering your company’s phone number, name, or address on the Express Update page. A prompt to add your business will appear below the search box if you are unable to find it. Tap “Add it now.”

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In the end, your wait for the Citysearch business listing will pay off.

How long do you need to wait for your business listing?

It is important to know how to add or claim your Citysearch business listing because is a powerful tool. But be aware that Citysearch’s only drawback is that it may take 1-2 months once you make a new listing. Additionally, it will add and sync your listings on more than 50 different local business directories, allowing you to control them all from a single dashboard.

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