How to find industry/niche specific citation sources

Getting niche citations is usually a much-needed step for companies to get a proper online presence. Unfortunately, not a lot of company owners are aware of what niche citations are and where to find industry/niche specific citation sources. So, to help out, we are going to cover the basics of niche citations. Then, we are going to give you a comprehensive guide of where to find industry-specific sources.

Niche citations, in a nutshell

To put it simply, a citation is any mention of your company. As you might guess, there are different types of citations you can get, and each of them has a different value. So, you have structured citations that come in NAP form, and you have unstructured citations. But, the ones that we are focusing on in this article are the niche citations. Niche citations (or industry-specific citations) come from people or websites that are well established in a niche community.

A woman working on a computer.
Getting a niche citation from a reputable expert will do you a world of good.

As an example, let’s say that you are running a shoemaking business. Is it useful to get citations from as many sources as possible? Sure. Every citation that you get further enhances your online presence. But, the citations that you should be looking for are from people or websites that know a thing or two about shoes. A citation from a website that compares different shoes, and has been doing so for years, is worth much more than a citation from an outside source. A good citation will situate you within the niche community, and therefore increase the chances that you will get quality traffic. So, all in all, finding niche citations is something that every responsible company owner should deal with.

Where to find industry/niche specific citation sources

So, where are you supposed to find industry/niche specific citation sources? Well, there is no straight answer. Every industry has its own authorities and credible sources. This is why there are a couple of steps you need to take in order to get to industry-specific citation sources. Luckily, these steps are pretty similar in any industry. This is why you should have little trouble applying our guide to whatever industry you need citations in.

Use your keywords

The first thing to do is to note the most important keywords in your industry. You should do this before starting a blog page, as it will make keyword management mush easier down the line. But, if you haven’t done it so far, now is the time. The more keywords you can find, the easier it will be to find credible citation sources.

Ask Google

Once you find the necessary keywords you need to head on to a search engine like Google. There you will type in your keywords and try to find reviews related to them. Ideally, you will find citations from other companies that work within the same industry as you. Changing your keywords should give you different citation sources, as they usually differ in one way or another. After a bit of research and cross-referencing, you should come up with a decent list of worthwhile citation sources.

Join the niche community

Another important thing to do is to become an active member in your niche community. Doing so will not only allow you to find industry/niche specific citation sources more easily. But, you will also be able to follow any industry trends. In order to optimize your online presence, you need to have an ongoing relationship with your customer base. And the best, and the most honest way to do so is to join their community. Try to search through platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, or Facebook in order to find your niche community. After a while, you should be able to figure out which citation sources are credible and how to approach them.

Facebook opened on a device showing you one of the platforms you can use to find industry/niche specific citation sources.
Facebook can be surprisingly useful when trying to find industry/niche specific citation sources.

How to get niche citations

Finding industry/niche specific citation sources is one thing, but getting good citations from them is a completely different issue. Unfortunately, we cannot completely cover how to find niche citations is this article. But, we can give you some useful tips to keep in mind before asking for them.

Asking for citations – yes or no?

It might surprise you to know that asking for niche citations is not always a good idea. If you are a newly-formed company with not much experience, you won’t get much value out of asking for citations. After all, what can the source site you with if you haven’t done anything noteworthy so far. So, instead, try to build up your online presence. Once you have a decent online presence, you will be able to ask for citations in a much more leveled playfield. Ideally, you won’t even ask for citations. Instead, the citation source in question will cite you of their own accord. Will this be a big boost for your online presence? Yes. But, never the less, it is still not something that you should rush.

A person writing a blog in WordPress.
Make sure to build up your website before you start actively looking for niche citations.

Building up your online presence

Another important thing to note is that building up your online presence is a long-term project. So, instead of looking for quick solutions, try to approach it as something you build over time. We would advise you to first set up a decent website and ensure that you are providing your customers with top-notch service. Then you can organize your social media and start tackling your SEO. Finally, ensure that you have a marketing plan and that you are monitoring your citations. Do this, and we are sure that you will have the necessary reputation to get niche citations in no time.

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