How to Sell Local SEO Services

Times are rapidly changing! If you are a part of any business industry you are aware of SEO and its importance. A few years ago many firms, never othered the words SEO and now it is the go-to thing in marketing. Naturally, many firms and freelancers saw an opportunity and started providing local SEO services. Now the competition is so intense, you must find a way to always put your best foot forward. So, let’s see how can you sell local SEO services and dominate the SEO market. Get ready because the road ahead of you is not easy. But with the help of an experienced AZ Citation Services crew – it can be!

Tips to sell local SEO services

As an SEO services provider, your goal is to penetrate the market. At the same time, you want to establish a loyal clientele base that will stick with you for a long period of time. These goals certainly sound much easier than they are to facilitate in reality. There is no better way of promoting your business online than having professionals handle your SEO. But, how can you make sure you are the professional people turn to? Here is how you can turn heads towards your SEO strategies and gain trusted customers.

During meetings with clients never use SEO jargon

During meetings, particularly in front of new clients, you might be tempted to show off. You might be enticed to explain in a more advanced vocabulary how you can improve online rankings, increase their online visibility, etc. Even though you might have the best intentions, the person sitting at the other end of the table might get the wrong impression or they might fail to understand your message. At least you will confuse potential clients. Sell local SEO services by using simple but effective explanations. The message that you are trying to distribute needs to be clear and understandable. Once you lock down a client there will be plenty of time to show what you can do. You will demonstrate your SEO powers in terms of excellent results.

A woman talking to a man and explaining to him and explaining how to sell local SEO services.
During meetings be specific, concrete, and understandable. This is the only way you can be certain that people sitting across from you understand what you are offering.

Know your exact niche

It is well known that SEO is important to all global industries. Carve out some time and really examine your portfolio. Which industries are dominant among your clients? Which companies request your services the most? This will help you identify your niche. Once you do, it will give you a more clear idea of which firms to target and where to focus your energy and time. In case you are a new business owner, you will need to have a different approach. Since you do not have a client base, doing extensive research is a must to get the ball rolling. So, make sure you define your niche market if you really want to dominate the SEO world.

Do not underestimate the power of social media

There is rarely a digital marketing strategy that doesn’t in some way include social media. Social media and digital marketing practically go hand in hand. Merely having a social media presence on some platforms is not enough. Do your best to be present on multiple platforms and provide interesting content. Also, having a blog on your website is an excellent idea. It is well known that websites that have well-written blogs are visited by more people. Which results in more eyeballs on your website. This is a great tactic that can provide long-term gains. So, take every logical opportunity to promote your business on social media pages.

Social media app icons on a cellphone screen.
If you still don’t have a strategy on how to approach advertisement through social media, it is the perfect time to start. Don’t wait for a second longer to put your best foot forward through social media.

Don’t forget about client testimonials

Stats showing that you have improved your clients’ SEO are excellent weapons when trying to sell local SEO services. But, don’t forget to use client quotes and reviews to your advantage as well. Some clients might appreciate more positive written comments about your work instead of pure stats. Testimonials are always more relatable. In addition, word of mouth is also a very effective way of spreading the word about the impressive services you provide. After a job well done, most clients will be more than happy to leave a quote. An easy way to ask clients to leave recommendations is by directing them to LinkedIn. It will be a simple way to save all your reviews on a great platform. Other platforms can get the job done as well.

Use cold emails the right way

Since cold emails can be linked to negative connotations it is important that you do it the right way. Not to mention that most cold emails end up being ignored or deleted. To make sure your emails avoid the trash bin, you must make them stand out. Thus, unique emails are imperative. First, you must focus on the subject line. You will only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention. Therefore, make sure those few seconds count. Second, make sure you choose an appropriate email template for the message you are sending out. Lastly, add your social media links to the body of the email.

Gmail loading on a laptop screen before you sell local SEO services to potential clients.
Cold emailing is a cheap and effective way to reach new clients, but only if done the correct way.

Final words to remember

There are quite a few ways to sell local SEO services to those that are in need of improving their SEO. Also, to those that want to maintain great SEO standings. While you are at it, it is imperative that you prepare yourself and invest the time to do the needed research. Before heading off to a meeting, make sure you know everything there is to know about the company that you are trying to engage. It will give you an extra edge. Knowing just your stuff isn’t enough. Doing your due diligence will take you a long way. Choose the selling technique that suits you the best and run with it. Soon you will have plenty of new customers and clients on your business portfolio.

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