How to track rankings for a Google My Business Page

Google My Business, or GMB, is one of the best ways for brick and mortar businesses to get exposure online. It helps people find your business out, know what you offer, and many more details. However, not so many business owners know how to track their rankings for a Google My Business Page. This is why today we are going to explore how you can do that, what you need to know about rankings, is tracking rankings really that useful, and what can you do to actually boost your rankings online. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Why knowing your ranking is useful?

You already probably know the answer to this question. Knowing where your selected keywords and your GMB page stand online, and your website connected to your GMB page for that matter can help you build a better strategy if something is not going your way. With this, you can analyze what’s wrong, and put more effort into improving parts of your marketing strategy. It is always better to aim for something you know it’s a problem than to aim at something blindly.

However, most people know that even knowing anonymous rankings isn’t enough. You need to find another way to track your SEO progress. Your to-be client most likely isn’t searching in incognito mode. Most likely they will see personalized results. This is why you are most likely to show up to people who are interested in something similar multiple times, ultimately resulting in clouding your judgment.

People discussing rankings for a Google My Business.
You shouldn’t base all of your decisions on your rankings for a Google My Business Page.

Also, being on the first page, or on top of a search result is more likely a vanity metric than an indication of key health. This is why you shouldn’t base your whole strategy on those kinds of metrics. or more specifically, on your GMB rankings. Yes, they can be a good indicator, but people often come to the wrong conclusions. This is why people often see the disparity between their online rankings and the actual money they are making from their business.

So, how can you track rankings on your Google My Business Page?

Since Google, and a company, is on top of their game, they made it quite easy for their users to find out everything they are interested in. However, when it comes to tracking how your business stands in an online plane, you have to use some external tools. There are a lot of good tools online, some of which are free, and some of which are premium. Also, you can check some of them at So, let’s check how you can do that.

Some free rank checking tools

As we said, there are some very good free rank searching tools. Of course, using premium tools is always better, as you can search for more keywords with them, and get more details about your business’s rankings. However, before that, you need to make sure that you have optimized your GMP Listings. But, let’s check some free tools first.

  • Serpfox is one of the best free rank searching tools on the market. This tool allows you to track up to 10 keywords for free. Of course, if you have a premium account, this number can be much higher. Also, it has reasonable pricing, starting from 10$ a month.
  • rank checker does essentially the same stuff Serpfox does. It allows you to track certain keywords. The only difference is that the rank checker is intended for one-time searches instead of tracking over time. Also, like Serofox, allows its users to track up to 10 keywords. However, there is one downside to using this tool. Its searches can be a little bit slow, with some searches taking up to a minute to finish, but it compensates for that with its great and powerful engine. All in all, this tool is very powerful, and many business owners are using it on daily basis.
Computer with a blank screen.
Of course, there is a way to use Goole’s own tools for tracking rankings for a Google My Business Page.

Some premium rank checking tools

Naturally, you’ll get more info by using premium rank checking tools. We recommend checking their offers by going to their websites and deciding what you expect from rank checking tools. Here are some of the best premium tools in our opinion.

  • Semrush
  • AccuRanker
  • Mangools-Serpwatcher

Is there a way to check your local rankings on Google?

So, is there any way to check your local rankings on Google? Absolutely! However, local rank tracking can be extremely difficult. This is especially true when it comes to mapping. What you see from one location can be very different than what you see from another. And all of this can be very different from what you see from any kind of rank tracker.

Google has its own tools. The first one is Search Console. You need to use the UTM code on your GMB site URL. Put the following code on your website address:


Copy that. This can make you a great basic UTM tracker.

So, should I track my GMB rankings or not?

So, the question remains – should you track your GMB rankings at all? And the answer is –absolutely! It is always good to know where your business stands online, but you have to remember that online rankings aren’t everything. You need to actually invest in your business and make smart business decisions if you want to attract local customers, and not base them all on your online rankings.

Persone reading a book.
You have to do some work outside of GMB if you want your business to be successful.

Online rankings can show skewed results, and this is why some businesses fail. They had amazing rankings, and they based everything on them. GMB rankings aren’t everything but they offer a fantastic way to know where you are standing and what you should do about them. You only have to know how to read rankings for a Google My Business Page.

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