How to Track Your Local Positions

Tracking your local position may not appear to be a challenging task at first glance. How difficult can it be to search for your brand and discover where it appears? It’s actually a lot more complicated than you may think. Consider the following aspects for example, what are you searching for, what is the search’s geographical location, is this a global or a local search, and, how do you get rid of your own bias? It’s no surprise that dozens of software businesses are working on ways to analyze search engine results. Each with its own set of tools, accuracy, optimization, and tracking systems. You need to find the one that works the best for you. Be aware that citations are an important ranking factor as well. So use that to your advantage. It is important to track your local positions to know how much you move up.

Track your local positions with the right information

It’s OK to look for your store brand, but what about your product title? What are the main keywords for your main goods or services? You have as many search ranks as there are possible character combinations in a Google search. Which is unlimited, and you need to determine which ones are worth tracking. Someone looking from New York City will still get different results than someone searching from Oklahoma City. Google provides results for both global and local searches. Because most individuals would never visit a location that they can’t visit in person. Companies care more about local search results than worldwide results. Google’s search results are tailored to you as the user, taking into account your previous search history, geographical area, preferences profile, and other factors. Some, but not all, of this bias can be avoided by using incognito or private browsing windows.

Written info
The more information you have the easier it will be to track your position

There are many different ways of tracking the position

Of course, there are many various ways to track your position on the search result. Some are free while others require some money. You can also decide how much you want to be involved in the process. AZ Citation Services can give you more information about this topic. Among many more that are in the same field.With their help and the knowledge that you get. Your position will be on top. Some good options for tracking your position are:

  • Tracking Local SERPs on Your Own
  • Plugins for your website
  • Tools for the Desktop
  • Website apps

There are many more options that you can pick from. But these ones are what people think about first. Every option has its strong and weak side. So, be aware of them before using a specific one.

Track your local positions by yourself

The very first method you can explore is rank tracking on your own. You can create a file that has the following information. Within every row, type the keyword you wish to rank for. For each keyword row, there is a field for ranking by date. To track data over time, tables and graphs are created. The main advantage of this choice is that it is free. It’s “free” in the sense that you’re not paying money to use it. You, on the other hand, are paying with your time. You can repeat these searches once a week and keep track of your findings, then modify the frequency based on how frequently you want to check your ranking. By doing these you will see when you have an error on your page and then you can do a citation cleanup which will have a huge impact on your rank.

Laptop on a desk ready to be used for tracking your rank
Tracking your position by yourself is free but can be very difficult and time-consuming.

Plugins for your website that you can use

The following options on this list are all automated services, with the only difference being the approach. As a result, there are various solutions available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. We’ll try to categorize them, but keep in mind that certain tools will perform better or worse than similar tools in other categories. There’s also some overlap with technologies that provide many interfaces for the same data. Using website plugins to monitor rankings is an easy process. Anyone who uses WordPress, for example, has access to extensions like these, which allow you to construct templates to track, and create detailed reports, and are all available from your WordPress dashboard. In which you can also write types of content that are helpful for your local SEO. These plugins are simple to install and operate.

Tools for the desktop that you can use for tracking

Back in the day, the only option to do something in bulk was to run a desktop program. Although this option is still available today, many of these businesses have switched to delivering their services as web apps. Scrapebox is an example of local desktop software. Scrapebox is computer software that does all of these scans and compiles all of the data you need locally. It’s essentially a means to make the DIY method more automated. This has the advantage of saving you a lot of time and almost removing human error. It’s also perhaps more secure, because your website data, monitored keywords, as well as other information are really only accessible to you and those with whom you share it.

Tracking your local positions on a laptop
By using desktop tools you can make tracking more automated and easier.

Website apps that can track your local positions

These days, web apps can track your local positions and they are the preferred method of providing keyword tracking and research services. These instruments all work in a similar manner. They can avoid Google rate restrictions. Some have direct relationships with Google by using global CDNs with systems all over the world to capture search ranking data. Some of them are SEMRush app, MonitorBacklinks, SerpStat, Rankie, AuthorityLabs, and many more. These apps can be simple, essentially tracking worldwide ranking results, or complex, with hundreds of customization choices for keyword searches, variants, geographical area, language, and more. Do not forget other important factors, like Google Maps marketing that also have a huge impact on your ranking in the long run.

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