Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses

The reason why small businesses are choosing local SEO is very simple. With the development of the internet, the importance of online searches has grown a lot. Online searches, especially mobile ones, have become the main source of information for most users. Looking for local business and comparing the top searches has never been easier. With just a couple of clicks, a customer can get what they are looking for, and for that reason, business owners need to do their best to make their SEO stand out. To help you out, AZ Citation Services created a list of useful local SEO tips for small businesses – everything you need to know to improve your online ranking and attract more customers.

Start with Google My Business

Every good local SEO strategy should be based on owning (and maintaining) a Google My Business account. You should create an account, claim your business, and start polishing it so it appears better in searches. Make sure you give it a detailed description that includes correct and up-to-date information about your business. A complete profile is something Google loves, so it is important to be consistent even during a pandemic.

a laptop with a food picture on the screeen
Make your business stand out, but also visible online.

Explore other networks

Apart from Google My Business and Google Maps Citations, there are other platforms you should consider when running a small business. One of the local SEO tips is to make your business visible on networks such as Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Bing, MapQuest, etc. Even though these are less popular, putting your business on different online locations will give a more complete picture to a customer.

Mobile access is essential to customers

As we mentioned, a large part of the online searches happens via mobile. That’s why the mobile accessibility of your website should be one of the main focuses when running a small business. The reason is very simple. If a potential customer tries to visit your website using their mobile, and need to wait too long for it to load – the chances are they will simply leave the site.

That’s why you should adapt your internet presentation so it can be easily visible on different screens and gadgets, and therefore more convenient for potential clients or customers. If the customer has a positive experience with shopping at your website, they are more likely to visit it again or recommend it to a friend. So, imagine what you like at your favorite website, and apply those preferences on your own.

Try to get more reviews

If a business receives positive reviews regularly, it will be more attractive for Google, as well as customers. That’s why you should try to get your existing clients or customers to leave you a positive review on one of the platforms you created. There are several ways to do that – reminding them through email notifications, giving out business cards, in-person requests, etc.

Bonus tip: Sometimes, clients don’t know how to write a review, therefore you should be ready for that situation. One of the handy tools you can use is Google’s Review Link Generator, that will create a direct link you can share with your clients.

writing reviews on Google maps as one of the local SEO tips
The more local people like and review your business, the more attractive SEO you get.

Adapt your keywords – local SEO requires local keywords

One of the focal points of your SEO strategy should be adapting your keywords to the local business market. The way to do that is to think about local terms, names of cities, counties – anything that specifies a keyword to the local area. Also, take a look at your competition – you can get some excellent ideas from their content, too. Narrowing down your keywords will help you get more local customers for your business, and be easily recognized in your local area.

Don’t forget the title tags…

Even though it seems like a small detail at first, a good title tag will contribute to a more professional and successful local SEO strategy. The title tag is the writing in blue letters that appears in google results and also the title on the top of the browser when a website is opened.

You should include your business’ name, as well as the most important keyword related to it. However, be sure to keep the title less than 55 characters long, so it doesn’t appear incomplete.

google search results
Google search results are important in local SEO tips – this is the first thing a potential customer sees when searches for a product or service.

…and meta descriptions.

Another important ‘detail’ of a local SEO strategy is the meta description. After writing titles, also take a look and write meta descriptions. This text will also appear in searches, right under the title. Therefore, be sure to write high-quality descriptions that will attract a reader to click and open the page. Meta descriptions should include relevant keywords, unique descriptions, and attractive language. It’s the text that describes the page and invites the reader to open it. Therefore, be sure to take the time to write high-quality texts. Here are some more useful local SEO tips on writing a good meta description:

  • write in the active voice, rather than using passive constructions;
  • keep it shorter than 155 characters, but be sufficiently descriptive;
  • use the focus keyword;
  • be unique and describe the content of the page ;
  • include some call-to-action text;


One of the main local SEO tips for small businesses is – be consistent and take your time. Good SEO strategy takes practice, so you shouldn’t expect changes overnight. Be consistent with high-quality content, that will attract people to come back to your page and recognize your work locally. It’s necessary to focus on your work, but also compare it to the competition, so you can figure out the way to stand out and master the local SEO game.

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