Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t Showing on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of many excellent features used by folks to find their way around. However, there is a common misconception that this is all Google Maps are used for when in reality this feature has a much larger purpose. Sure Google users use it to navigate, but they also use it to find local businesses that they might need. So, if you are a business owner and your business isn’t showing on Google Maps, you have a lot to worry about. Yet, it is not all bad news. This problem can be easily solved. First, to get to the bottom of the mystery of why your business is anonymous on Google Maps, we must know all the reasons for the predicament that you are in.

Before you start panicking, take a closer look

As impossible as it might sound, small mistakes during the search might give you an idea that your business isn’t showing on Google Maps. Yet, the situation might be drastically different. If you are looking for your business through an unrelated search, it is possible that the system might skip you. Relevance is very important during every single search. This is a very obvious mistake. Still, it is made more often than users would like to admit. Thus, before you start spiraling and worrying double-check your status. Visit Google Maps and punch in your exact location. A positive outcome might be a pleasant surprise.

A business owner checking results on Google Maps after reading Reasons Why Your Business Isn't Showing on Google Maps.
Before you take any corrective measures be 100% certain that your business is indeed invisible on Google Maps.

Your business isn’t showing on Google Maps! Help!

To come up with any business solution, you must know what is the problem on deck. Similar to standard searches on search engines, an algorithm is used to get the job done. That is when your Google business profile starts playing a major role. One of the main reasons why businesses can’t be located on GMaps is because it lacks location authority. Consequently, if your GMB listing is lacking location authority it is likely that users will not be able to locate you. Your firm will only be located if in extreme proximity to the user. Basically, you would need to be on top of each other to get spotted on this very handy search tool. So, now you know what is the main reason you might be invisible to users online, but there are other possible problems as well.

Deficient verification on Google Maps

For your business to appear on Google Maps, it must be verified. This is one of the main criteria that you must hit if you want your online visibility to improve. For this to happen you should have your Google business profile in order. But once you have it you need to make sure you maintain your business profile on Google. Without the proper upkeeping, once again you might fall under that reader and as a consequence, your business will take a hit. Once your profile has been created Google will verify ownership. Most often this is done through email, but other means of communication are also a possibility.

A Gmail icon and other icons on a cellphone screen.
Expect your business to be verified through email. Yet, there are other instances where businesses were verified over the phone.

Shared office space

In case your business isn’t showing on Google Maps, even after the verification process, you have another problem on your hands. When there are multiple firms under one roof, this type of issue can come into play. Google isn’t a fan of multiple companies on one address. Hence the lack of visibility on its tool. Lucky, there is a simple and fast solution on deck. Providing a suite number or some other type of additional address specifics can certainly do the trick. For continued trouble with this problem, you can always contact Google Helpdesk.

Disabled or suspended listing

For the most part, suspensions on search engines are a result of quality issues. The bad news is that most often you will not know what is the reason behind such sanctions. Thus, making it hard to fix it. To find out the root of your problem, contact Google Support.

Lack of category tags on your listings

Search engines are big fans of tags. This goes for all and any type of online contact. Therefore, Google Maps are no exception. Labels attached to your business give Google a more specific idea of what your business is about. Consequently, giving it a more concrete idea of which web browsers should be pointed in your direction during their online navigation. So, don’t forget to use these powerful indications to your advantage. You can use multiple tags, as well as making one of them a primary option.

A blank white tag on a little branch.
Use virtual tags to make your business even more visible during local searches.

Professional assistance is always welcome

Some entrepreneurs might be wizards at what they do, but don’t have the slightest clue on how to manage their local or overall SEO. This is something that shouldn’t worry you too much. There are professionals and companies with the sole purpose of SEO and online visibility improvement. They can assist you in promoting your brand and improving your rankings by building your citations. The best part about obtaining such services is that you can concentrate on other aspects of your business, while true professionals take care of your digital marketing.

It is all about your local SEO

Now you have a more concrete idea of why your business isn’t showing on Google Maps. But a more pressing question is what are you going to do about it. As a business owner, you certainly have a lot on your plate. Still, keep in mind that every time your business doesn’t appear on a search you are losing potential clients and customers. Not to mention that they will be heading in the direction of your competitors. So, prioritize your time and make this problem the first item on your agenda. This way you will significantly improve your local SEO and also your bottom line. Invest in this type of marketing and watch your business grow.

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