SEO Predictions for 2023

For us, the beginning of the year means only one thing. That it is finally time that we share SEO predictions for 2023 with you. We took a little sneak peek and we are very excited about all the new features and improvements. As each year is passing by, SEO is only getting more improved. And just when you think that it couldn’t get better, it just does. Doesn’t matter what type of SEO citations you are using in everyday life, you will want to know everything that will come in the next year. We love them, and for sure, you will too. So let’s see them together.

Aware or not, we are all using online shopping and some of the best SEO predictions for 2023 are exactly connected with that

Even though in some countries online shopping is still not developed at the best level, the rest of the world is using it every day. Why lose time and go to the store when you have everything on your phone? When you look at the statistics and predictions for online shopping users, by the end of the year there’ll be 2.1 billion people that were buying goods online. Because of that, Google is trying to make an even better shopping experience for every customer. And we do believe this one is the best so far. Some of the changes that you can expect to see are the elimination of commission fees. Also, Google is making it free for businesses to sell products on Google. Which is amazing news for business owners. But wait to hear this. Google will implement the Shopping Graph to make the online shopping experience even better.

Person holding a card and a phone in her hands.
Online shopping was never easier and better.

For sure, Shopping Graph is one of the best SEO checklists for startups. This is an AI-enhanced model and they made it understand different variations of brands and products. So this feature can analyze what is the product and what are all the other products that are similar to this one. With that, you will get all the information about prices, reviews, websites where you can buy them, and similar. So basically all you will have to do when you like something is search for it through Google Lens. Doesn’t matter if it is in real life through a camera or from a screenshot. You will be able to do it and find all the same and similar variations of a product. That you liked.

Since video marketing is very important, it will be even more improved for 2023

Even though not many people expected it, but still many people rely on this, one of the newest features and things in the SEO world is related to video marketing. Half of all consumers are relying on videos when they have to make a decision about whether to purchase an item or not. So improving it is definitely worth it. What Google is doing here, is rolling out features so it can be helpful for users to find all the additional information much faster through videos. One of the new features of this is the clip markup. It enables producers to highlight key points of the video so users could hop to those parts directly. Another new thing is the seek markup. This feature tells Google how your URL structure is working. It will allow Googe to display the key moments of the video automatically.

A person recording a video
Video marketing will be improved in 2023

Thanks to these two features that are added to video marketing, you will be able to optimize your videos so that they can appear in search results for more competitive and relevant items. It will be easier to reach them, and users will be able to find things much faster and easier. To optimize this trend you need to start by incorporating the video into more of your pages. Users stay longer on pages with videos rather than on the ones without. So making this change will help you boost engagement, traffic, and rankings. Remember, this is one of the ways to promote business online as well.

Image optimization and accessibility are also one of the SEO predictions for 2023

When it comes to website image optimization, Google has been always clear about its best practices for that. But this wasn’t taken as seriously as it should be, sadly. However, now is the time things are about to change, at least for a little bit. And even little counts right now. Take a moment and look at the images on your website. See how they score up on your optimization meter and if you need assistance with this matter you can always seek out help from the professionals such as AZ Citation Services. Since Goole has a goal of keeping the web accessible for everyone, image optimizations will play a big role in this part. Some of the examples of how you will be able to use images are for shopping, getting more information, and similar to that.

To keep up with these new features, we have some tips for you. The tips we are about to give you are the most convenient and the best ways how you can keep up with the trend and use it in the best way possible. You will have to make sure that all of the images that you use are compressed. Also, you need to use them in next-gen formats. And since keywords are very important as well, you will have to rename each image with the correct keywords.

Wordpress opened on a laptop.
Both image and website optimization are included in SEO predictions for 2023.

For sure, you are well aware by now about the alt text. So just make sure that each time you are coming up with the alt text for a new image, try to make it as unique as possible. This is how you can get the best results. You won’t have to worry about how long it takes for SEO to see results. They will be visible right away. There is no doubt about that.

The featured snippet will rise even more than before

You probably noticed the rise of featured snippets in search results. This has been happening over the years, but in the last year, it has been more than ever before. And as Google believes, it will continue to be that way. If you don’t know what these little things are, now is the perfect moment to find out. So, featured snippets are the boxes of results you can see from time to time above the actual search results. It can be in a form of a bullet list, FAQs, or how-to. Sometimes, it is even just a single sentence. They are shortcuts that allow you to understand the content without having to open it and read it carefully. And the best part about it is that if your page has some valuable parts in it, featured snippets will use it for this.

To optimize and properly use featured snippets you want to think about the searcher. Try to understand their intentions and how would they search for something. You should just focus on your products and question-based terms when it comes to searching for them. One small tip that is always useful is to use the “People also ask” section. It can actually help you to find some keywords and topics to write about. Remember that choosing words that are most relevant to your business is very important. Make sure that you use Google’s Schema Markup Testing Tool so you can test your markup. And yes, this is a must.

Make sure that you check out SEO predictions for 2023 for semantically related keywords as well

Although many people believe that semantically related keywords are not important, they are wrong. The algorithms that Google is using became more sophisticated over the years. And this is mostly based on how they interpret what we search with related keywords, semantics, and search intent. All of these factors play a big role in what we see on the SERPs. Maybe you already know that Google has presented the MUM. Or in full name – Multitask Unified Model. This is an AI that can discern intent and emotion from search queries. And the best thing about it is that it can do that in more than 75 different languages. How amazing is that? This is something that will definitely be even more developed in the future.

Person holding a tablet and looking into SEO predictions for 2023.
Knowing all about SEO predictions for 2023 is a big business advantage.

Now, some tips for you to use it in the best way possible in the following year. You need to stop focusing on one keyword. It will drain your energy and inspiration. Try focusing on writing topic clusters. You should be able to create ideal customer personas that you want to reach your content. If you already answer the questions they could have, you need to use semantically related keywords and phrases in that content. You should try to approach this entire thing differently this year, it will pay off. If you are new to all of this and you are thinking if you should start an SEO campaign, you should know that now is the best time for it. Just make sure to do it properly so you don’t have any problems and have a successful business.

Answering complex queries is one of the predictions you cannot miss out on

In the following year, we will finally have a bigger focus on answering complex queries. And it has been officially confirmed by Google. Their goal was always focused to deliver answers that the users need. And now as a result companies are focusing to create pages that will provide solutions that people desperately need. Because the entire Google algorithm is changing, they are putting a focus on delivering answers in one place and concisely. MUM that we mentioned above will help out users by taking fewer steps to find the information they are looking for.

Up until now, users were approximately using eight queries to find the answers. And now that is going to change. Instead of searching so many things to be able to find what you are looking for, MUM will be able to understand the abstract languages and your intentions and it will help you automatically to find the information much faster.

It is time to think about AI-generated images

Even though this is still not as popular as other SEO predictions for 2023, AI-generated images are the future. And this is something we should focus on as well. Recently some AI image generators such as Midjourney started to get the hype around people. Usually, users try to make images related to any topic that pops up in their minds. And their goal is – the more the better. These days AI tools are capable of creating some very good quality and amazing images that will leave you speechless. And the main thing is that the more details you give about it, the better the image will be. You can and you should test some images with Google’s Cloud Vision API. It will be shocking to see that Google can recognize objects without a problem.

A human and a robot hand.
Every day we are helping to improve AI through our search.

Don’t wait, go and explore these new features even more

Now that you know the main parts of SEO predictions for 2023, feel free to explore them even more. For sure, you still don’t know the dates when will some change happen. But at least you can be prepared for it, no matter when it arrives. And that is definitely a good thing. Ask friends and people of the same interests about their opinions on this topic and have some amazing nights with interesting discussions. You will all enjoy it. There are many common challenges to achieving value when it comes to SEO, and you need to be ready for them.

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