SEO Predictions From Google In 2022

Let’s discover some SEO predictions from Google in 2022 together! We had a rough couple of years and things are finally starting to look a bit better. We are talking about the pandemic of course. You are wondering how is the pandemic outbreak relevant here? It is the last thing the world needed to go completely online. Everything is now on the internet. Every business. If you are not online – you are simply not relevant. So, as you can see now, more than ever you need to focus on your SEO strategies and work on your website. Every bit of effort is important and will be worth it.

2021 review

Before focusing on the year 2022 we need to review 2021 naturally. The biggest thing that happened in 2021 is the rise of Google search competitors. Of course, Google is still the most relevant one and chances are it will always be but Bing actually started to be more popular. Duck Duck Go, Yandex and Bing are also getting more and more attention. It seems that people are spending more and more time online and they are looking even beyond Google. For you, that means that you should make sure that you are relevant on all search engines available. You also need to make sure that you are providing all relevant and accurate information to potential clients all over the web. If you are not sure that your citations are completely in order you should consider citation cleanup.

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Before focusing on SEO predictions from Google in 2022 we need to do a quick recap on 2021!

Google’s changes in 2021

To say that 2021 was an active year for Google would most definitely be an understatement. It’s been a wild ride there. We saw so many both confirmed and unconfirmed ranking updates throughout 2021. It’s been a crazy year when it comes to SEO and there were so many updates like the one in April (review ranking) and June (passage ranking) and so many more. It’s been great reflecting on 2021 but now we should focus on 2022. If you want to see more of the happenings relevant to SEO and citations you should try some of the relevant web sources on this topic like AZ Citation Services. You will find plenty of relevant material there.

It looks like Google will be expanding SERP features in 2022

This is not confirmed but it looks like we will see an expansion in SERP features. That includes ads too! Looks like Google plans to add more SERP features within the results to make them more interactive or simply more engaging. SEO experts and advertisers will have to work closely together in order to grow visibility within the SERPs.

Constant Updates

We talked about all the updates in 2021 that Google did. It looks like those constant updates will continue. Sure small ones will happen and probably lots of them but we will also see some high-level ones just like we did back in 2021. Those are the most definitive SEO predictions from Google. You must follow the trends and the most important thing of all – you need to follow the webmaster’s guidelines. That is the only way that your website will have strong foundations. With all the upcoming updates chances are you will see some fluctuation, but if you continue the hard and good work and provide your customers relevant and good content you will be just fine.

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We will be seeing some more updates soon!

Google is going to expand its own footprint in search

We should add to this “even more” since Google expanded its own footprint a lot in 2021. We will see even more multimedia content rank within the search. All Google assets will have an even bigger role. Google My Business is also becoming the ground zero for local companies where you don’t even need to visit their websites anymore you can simply find everything on Google My Business. Of course, we always recommend you check the website but you get the point. Don’t worry, you will be able to improve your Google rank in 2022. When it comes to SEO experts they will have to branch out a lot. Also, they will have to make sure that they are on these other platforms as well, and as we already mentioned it will be necessary to do the optimization for these other platforms as well.

AI and SEO collaborations

Google, Bing as well as the other search engines will continue to push AI further with new capabilities. AI and SEO are here to stay. The biggest use is going to be in topic exploration of course. The reason for it is to keep people on the search engines longer. That way they will be able to provide them more of a user experience within the search engines.

Word of advice

It doesn’t really matter what will be changing because one thing will remain the same – keeping up with good work will get you places. If you continue to work hard and provide good and relevant content people will find you and search engines will push you forward. Knowing Google’s guidelines is important as well. Also, one thing that you need to pay special attention to is your citations. They are the way to be found and you want people to have the right information about you like your phone number or address. To make sure that you have relevant directories you should consider building citation services.

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Dear reader, we hope we gave you some good insights.

Hiring an SEO expert

We understand that SEO strategies are getting more and more complicated each year. If you are not in this line of work and it all feels a bit overwhelming you should consider hiring an SEO expert to help you with this. It could be very good for your website and for you too! Hopefully, we helped you a bit with your research on SEO predictions from Google and provided you with enough sources to continue the research further.

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