The Effects Of Google Voice Search On Keyword Analysis

Google is doing everything it can to make its results easily accessible and as fast as possible. Doing commands with just a few words said seems like a great feature for users. Google Voice Search made it possible for people to get their results faster, but also made browsing more accessible for everyone. However, website owners are worried about the written content on their sites. Are there any changes coming with this new technology? In this post, you’re going to find out the effects of Google Voice Search on keywords analysis, and see if there are any new things you should implement into your strategy.

More about Google voice search

To be able to understand the changes made by Google Voice Search on keyword analysis, you need to learn the basics about this feature. With the improvement of Google and online technologies, we now have the ability to do the search by just using our voice. This feature is available on Google Chrome, both on your mobile phone and your computer. Just press the voice search icon and say what you need. Google will take care of everything else. You will get the best possible result in a matter of seconds, the same way you would type the words into the search box.

two girls using Google Voice Search
Make online tasks simpler and more efficient.

However, saying words seems to be much faster and this feature has become a lot more popular in the last couple of years. And it seems its popularity and usage will continue to rise, so it’s important for content creators to realize what are the effects of Google Voice Search on their work.

So, why do people love this feature? Well, it gives you so much more options in terms of multitasking. You can speak to your phone while doing something else, make searches outside in the sun when your mobile phone screen is not clearly visible, etc. Driving and doing certain tasks without risking your safety is surely one of these situations. All of these possibilities make our lives simpler and easier, which has become a necessity in today’s world.

Ways voice search keywords are different from different text

At first, voice and text search may seem like the same thing. But, there are actually a couple of differences content creators need to be aware of. These differences are how Google Voice Search makes difference in keyword analysis. The way we speak and the way we type differ in several different aspects:

  • the language we speak to Google Voice Search is more casual and conversational compared to its written version.
  • this implies that the phrases people use to make the search are longer;
  • most commonly, people will use their native language to make the search.

Reasons you should optimize for Google Voice Search

One thing you should know about this feature is that future is already here. Optimizing for new ways technology works can only do your business good. Optimizing your keyword research to the requirements of Google Voice search will bring you multiple benefits. You can update your SEO practice to do better in search rankings, drive more traffic to the website, and most importantly – have the advantage over your competition.

laptop with Google page opened
Voice search features can benefit your business a lot.

Changes Google Voice Search makes on keyword analysis

As we’re clear on why Google Voice Search is valuable for every business, let’s move on to the practical tips on how to make your keyword analysis more efficient. The effects of keyword analysis show that you can use more than one method to make your research a lot more practical and successful.

Use phrases that sound natural in your native language

As we mentioned, people will use everyday phrases to make their voice searches. Compared to text searches, voice requests seem more natural and closer to the way we actually speak. This is what you should focus on when researching keywords for your content.

Use question words

Voice search commonly comes in a form of a question. Give up on computer-language phrases you used to gain high rankings and adapt your keywords to question forms. When looking for a solution to their problem or answer to a question, people will simply ask Google for it. Use this opportunity and make sure your content is the answer to their issue.

Long keywords are no longer a problem

With text searches out of the way, you can now relax in terms of the length of your keywords. As we mentioned above, one of the effects of Google Voice Search on keyword analysis is that keywords are becoming longer. This happens due to the usage of natural, conversational language. Optimize your content with some more long-tailed keywords, and see the results shortly. This will also help your content rank better – as there’s less competition to this kind of keyword.

person using computer
Use Google’s new features to make your keywords more effective – bring more traffic and revenue to your business.

Don’t forget the location

One of the main phrases that appear in Google Voice Search is ‘near me‘. People are looking for nearby local businesses more than you know. For that reason, make sure your Google My Business page is updated with correct information, including local keywords that are relevant to the area.

Citations with the right keywords are a must

To make sure your business is easily discovered with Google Voice Search, creating local citations with the right keywords is necessary. It is important that users can find your business as well as your high-quality content with ease. For that reason, you need to make sure your citations appear in all the relevant places. This will make the whole effort on optimization and keyword research worth it.

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