Tips for making perfect citations

You can easily make a mistake if you are in a rush to meet a deadline. Luckily, there are some ways in which you can prevent this from happening. Since citations are often used, you should pay special attention to them and do everything correctly. As a matter of fact, we will give you several tips for making perfect citations. Just read the article and you will manage to complete this part successfully.

When paraphrasing, include in-text or parenthetical citations

Even though the easiest thing to do would be simply to copy a sentence, you should avoid this at all costs. The reason for this is simple- you will be accused of plagiarising. So, the best thing you can do is to paraphrase the sentence.

Using parenthetical citations will be of great help

On the other hand, if you prefer to leave it that way, remember to include a parenthetical citation. Basically, all you should do is use the author’s last name and a page number. Make sure you do this each and every time you reference an outside source.

Pay attention to periods after the parenthesis

This may seem like a minor detail but is actually quite the opposite. Should you forget to put a period after a reference, you will lose some major points on your paper. In order to avoid this from happening, make sure you put the period after the parenthesis. Another mistake that sometimes happens is putting the period inside the parenthesis. So, do not get confused- remember that the period always comes last. If it happens that you need some help, feel free to contact AZ Citation Services.

Your citation style should be the same

You probably already know how to use the APA, MLA format, or Chicago Manual of Style. They are often used, so if you get distracted, it will be quite easy to make a mistake. Even though you manage to use all of these styles in the right way, it is not desirable to use them all in a single paper. It will not be appealing to the eye and your work may be considered unprofessional. Therefore, avoid this from happening and be consistent with your citation style.

The last of the tips for making perfect citations is making a reference list entry

Each time you include an outside source, you should make a reference list entry. This list should be found at the end of your paper and it should be made of references that match your in-text or parenthetical references.

One of the tips for making perfect citations is adding a reference list entry

One way in which you will not forget to include a single reference is that whenever you use a parenthetical citation, you immediately add it to the list. Should you need any help, AZ Citation Services are at your disposal.

After you have read these tips for making perfect citations, you have prepared yourself for writing your next text properly. Now you know what details to pay special attention to in order to make your work look more professional.

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