Types of Links that Really Matter in SEO

Most of us are addicted to reading online posts and blogs. There is so much excellent information to be found at the tip of your fingertips and it is all available right there on your favorite mobile device or PC. But, when reading your favorite online content, have you ever wondered what are those random hyperlinks doing in the middle of the text. Those are called backlinks and if you are a business owner you must make it your business to know what they are and how they can benefit you. If you do not know, it is the perfect time to start learning. But keep in mind that not all links have the same value. For that reason, it is important to be aware of links that really matter in SEO.

Why are backlinks important to your SEO and your business?

Before we ask which links really matter in SEO, there must be a greater understanding of backlinks and their entire concept. Otherwise, you might not put in the needed effort because you won’t understand how crucial they are to your SEO. There are a few important factors that search engines look at when ranking your website. One of them being backlinks that can be found within your content. So, on every good SEO checklist you will find that a high-quality backlink must be the following things:

  • the backlink must originate from a trustworthy page
  • must be relevant to the topic on deck
  • it should be of great value (evaluated by Google and other search engines)
  • the backlink page should be of high authority
metrics and stats that help evaluate backlink value.
How can you recognize links that really matter in SEO? Some tools can be of great use when trying to evaluate backlink quality.

What is a link?

Thus, let’s go a little deeper into what links are before we get to the nitty-gritty. We are here to help you promote your business online. Backlinks will help you do just that and so much more. In simple words, it is a link placed in certain content that will drive traffic from the initial page you are on to a different webpage. All you need to do is click it and you will be redirected towards different content in a matter of seconds. Now that we all understand what backlinks represent as well as their importance it is time to understand which links will make your business a frontrunner on Google’s search pages.

Internal backlinks

These links will increase the time spent on your website. They are links that will redirect your visitors to a different webpage. However, in this case, that new webpage will also be a part of your website. In other words, both pages would be a part of the same domain. Consequently, your website authority will be stronger and more appreciated by search engines and search engine tools (for example Google Maps).

External backlinks

These types of links are often referred to as outbound links. Online internal links will take you to a new webpage that has a different domain. They are very important to your SEO. Since they cannot be internally controlled they have a high contribution to your SEO. Thus, they are very like by all search engines. For the most part, they are used to further explain something relevant to the topic at hand.

a woman on her cellphone and laptop, trying to contact people that can work with her on backlink postings.
If you want your manual links to be strong and SEO-worthy, get ready and start reaching out to relevant sources.

Natural links

If your business is hot right now, you probably have your links all over the web. But, let’s take one step back. Natural links have received such a name for good reason. They are posted spontaneously by other users, without your control. Meaning that something is interesting about your business and others are creating the buzz. Other writers, business owners, or even random people are forwarding web browsers to your website because they think your content is worthy of taking a look. Natural links are a true blessing for your business profile on Google and online because it is something that is out of your hands. If you have them, consider yourself extremely fortunate.

Manually obtained links

This is the part where you will need to put in some effort. Since manually obtained backlinks are links that really matter in SEO, how can you go about obtaining them? Time and effort are some things that you will have to sacrifice. Find relevant bloggers, business owners, and other relevant parties and ask them to post something about your business. This is the moment where you will really need to sell your business. Show the great side of your efforts and your firm or else, there will be no manually obtained links for your company. Get ready to showcase what you got.

Professional firms can help your SEO

We can go on and on about how you can work on your backlinks. Consequently, improving your SEO rankings and your bottom line. But the truth of the matter is that this is much easier said than done. Not only does it take time and energy, but it also demands a certain set of skills. Not everyone can just build up an impressive backlink portfolio. That was the bad news. The good news is that you do not need to do it on your own. Some professional companies such as AZ Citation Services and freelancers can help you improve your digital marketing strategy, as well as your backlinks. While professional services can be costly, they are a great long-term investment in digital marketing.

four professionals, surrounding a laptop while discussing links that really matter in SEO.
Get together with SEO professionals and let them work their magic and improve your backlink portfolio.


Now that your know which links that really matter in SEO, you can have a fresh and different approach to digital marketing. Sure, backlinks are an outstanding way of busting your SEO. Still, do not forget that other factors contribute to your online rankings. Make it your mission to improve your SEO with backlinks but with other forms of strategies as well. Such efforts will give your business room to shine on Google, but also on other search engines as well.

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