What Are The Most Famous Citation Sites?

Every serious business person pays a lot of attention to the quality of the products or services that they provide. However, today, quality is not the one-way ticket towards success. What’s more, it can mean nothing unless your customers know about it. That’s why in modern business good marketing is half of your work done. Online promotion is something everybody uses nowadays. That way even a small local business can become a well-known one. If you want to know how it really works, you are in the right place. We would like to introduce you to the world of citations and show you some of the most famous citation sites to explore.

The basic information you need to know about citations

Generally spoken, the term citation refers to every online mention of your local business. It’s a combination of various information about the business that is available on the web. They may occur on websites, social networks, or local business directories. Most of the citations usually contain the company’s name, phone number, and address, but some may include a webpage as well.

When a local business has citations, it becomes more prominent to the people who search for the products and services online. What’s more, it also gives people enough contact information if they want to get the provided services. On the other hand, the business gets some additional credits for the mentions, since citations are the way by which Google verifies the credibility of the information they share online. The more mentions, the more Google trusts the business. All of that, consequently, affects the search results, which is the main point here.

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Working on citations is an essential part of local SEO marketing for local businesses.

If you want to win choose one of the most famous citation sites

In order to have a strong online reputation, a business needs to be present on a good citation site. Remember that it’s important to define the type of the industry and the location of the business in order to determine the number of citations and what citation sites the business should be listed on.

Citation sites can be regarded as a kind of modern local business’s directories. They are very similar to the famous Yellow Pages, although these listings are available online. Now let’s see several useful and well-known local business citation sites.

1. Google My Business

Getting a free account on the Google My Business platform is a sure way for a company to get in touch with potential customers. A huge number of people nowadays use their mobile phones to search for information online. Thanks to the fact that Google is usually a default browser on mobile devices and tablets, local businesses listed on GMB will have the top priority. Clients make a contact with the company via an e-mail, phone number, or by leaving reviews. This is a great opportunity to advertise services or products, by posting pictures or special offers. There are also various ways to manage and upgrade the Google My Business profile, in order to attract clients and show them why a certain company is the best choice.

There is a close-up picture of a Google browser on a screen. Google My Business is one of the famous citation sites.
A huge number of information on various topics is available online.

2. Bing – one of the famous citation sites to try out

However, as we know, not all people have the access to Google browsers on their mobile phones. Those with the iOS operating systems, usually rely on citation sites like Bing when searching for particular services or businesses. That is why many local marketers who want to have a wider range of customers find it a very useful strategy to get their business listed on Bing as well. Here again, it is very important to point out that this is one reliable site, offering complete and accurate information to potential customers.

3. Facebook

Social networks influence our lives immensely. On a daily basis, people spend hours surfing and thus represent a great target audience for various local businesses. Hence it is not surprising that people who tend to have their local business listed on high-value citation sites give their best to build a noticeable presence on a website like Facebook. This social media is still extremely popular among different age groups, which widens the scope of potential customers.

4. Yelp – another famous citation site among local businesses

Having an updated local business profile on Yelp means getting a place on the market quickly. This is especially true for the businesses providing restaurant services. Reviews play a great part in local business marketing and this site is popular exactly for spreading the word. It connects online searchers with the appropriate trustworthy local businesses and turns them into customers. Yelp makes it easy for businesses to share information.

5. Yahoo Local

And finally one more search engine popular among a great number of people. Meet the Yahoo Local, an excellent helping hand in improving the local business SEO. After getting access to the Yahoo Local listing, a marketer should give a detailed and informative description of the activities and services provided. And, most importantly, he needs to keep the profile accurate and update it from time to time.

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Help your business become more prominent and show your real qualities.

We belong to the internet population. Many of our everyday chores require online activity. Therefore, it is nothing strange that this reflects in the business sphere as well. Nowadays, it is not only about providing the best products and local services. It is also about how well you are able to promote your work, especially when it comes to a local search. And that’s where online mentions can help. Notifying your presence on some of the famous citation sites influences your online ranking. The more your business is mentioned the more trustworthy it will appear. So make your strategy well. Create a strong citation profile. Be consistent and accurate and get ready to grab your chance on the local market.

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