What are the top local SEO tools?

The value of local SEO in the digital marketing world is very high. In modern times, having a consistent online presence is very important for both local and international businesses. Local SEO tools can help you with gaining insight into competitors, managing your rankings, and tracking performance. If you get the right tools, you will be on your way to success! Our experts from AZ Citation Services made a list of the top local SEO tools to implement in your strategy.


Growthbar is one of the most useful local SEO tools. It is affordable and available both solo and as a Google Chrome plugin. The tool can be used for competition analysis and keyword research, and you can use that info to track the website’s top keyword position. Growthbar also gives information on domain authority, allowing you to observe the authority of your competitors. You can use the rank tracker to see which websites show frequently for certain queries or rank for specific keywords.

Person pointing at a laptop
Using Growthbar will help you optimize your SEO strategy.


The Review Monitoring function of Yext interfaces with third-party sites, allowing you to track and reply to company reviews from all of the locations from a single dashboard. You may also collect any genuine first-party client feedback and post them on their website. Yext also provides powerful tools for making your company listings voice search optimized.


Synup monitors the success of your company on search engines, local directories, and review sites. This local SEO tool searches over 200 local search engines and indexes for anomalies in data, guaranteeing that your citations are correct. It can also monitor your website’s rankings and traffic, alert you when people post comments so you can react, and sync your location data across many sites.

Semrush Listing Management Tool

The Listing Management Tool is one of the top local SEO tools. This specific tool makes it easy to add or update your companies information in the most popular directories both inside and outside the United States. The Listing Management Tool can be used to maintain your listings after they are up, ensuring that they are correct and consistent across platforms. NAP consistency across platforms is very important for the success of your SEO strategy. You can track reviews, local rankings, and similar things by using this tool. This tool makes measuring SEO performance very easy. You can also set up the program to give you location reports through email, so you don’t have to check in to keep on track.

Semrush Position Tracking Tool

The Position Tracking tool monitors your website’s rating for a selection of keywords that you choose. Because it may target a certain device type or geographic region, it’s a great local SEO tool. However, the number of terms you may track is limited. Comparing your overall performance (visibility and expected traffic) to those of your rivals is a good way to start. You can stay up to date on all of your location tracking campaigns instantly and on the move with the Position Tracking mobile app.

Laptop showing one of local SEO tools
Synup looks up anomalies in data in search engines and different online indexes.


Georanker includes a function that allows you to track the rankings of websites from several places across the world. It shows this information in the form of heat maps with different colors to illustrate where the website scores highly. Users can use this data to develop targeted efforts in order to enhance or maintain their position. The local rank tracker displays the precise location of the user’s desired destination. It also features a citation engine that helps users to figure out where their rivals get their citations from.


BiQ is one of the top local SEO tools regarding keyword tracking. It offers a ranking for up to 1000 keywords. This local SEO tool offers a mobile app and supports many languages. It can also be used for keyword research, which can be helpful if you want to improve your ranking and overall visibility. You can also use it to research content gaps between you and your competitors. Moreover, BIQ can assist you in generating content and marketing strategy suggestions.

Google My Business

No list of top local SEO tools would be complete without Google. Google my business is for sure an essential tool in any SEO strategy. Customers can easily find information about your company, such as an address or phone number when you set up your Google My Business. If you want to find out who your local rivals are GMB will be essential for you. Keeping track and replying to customer reviews are also made much easier by using this tool. Booking appointments is also made much simpler for customers because this option is included in Google My Business.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google to assist you in keeping your website Google-friendly. You can also use it to see how Google ranks your site for specific keywords and how many pages Google has crawled from your site. The application may also display the number of clicks and impressions received by your website. Knowing how people use Google Search is crucial for the success of your SEO strategy. The mobile usability area displays any existing usability concerns with your mobile site or pages. Check for any further problems or indexing issues that your website is experiencing in real-time and take steps to resolve them.

Tablet showing Google
By using Google Search Console you will keep your website Google-friendly.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner tool from Google Ads offers a few options that you can find useful for local SEO. Though the tool is mostly used to plan PPC campaigns, you should pay attention to the competition column, which indicates how competitive ad placement is for your desired phrase. Aditional errors and other indexing difficulties that your website is experiencing on a regular basis, and take steps to resolve them.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics report service displays the daily number of visitors to your site. You can check which third-party websites provided you traffic using the third-party referrals option. With one of the most popular local SEO tools, you may also measure the length of each session, the bounce rate, and the number of pages each session, as well as demographic data for use in your entire marketing plan.

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