What is GMB NAP?

If you have a website or want to have one, you have to start learning about online presence. Having a successful website isn’t just making it look nice. There are dozens of things you have to pay attention to. And one of these things is your SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means there is a way to make your website more compatible with the search engine, such as Google for example, in order to make your website appear higher in the result pages. But we are certain that this is something you are already familiar with. What you might not be familiar with is just what is GMB NAP. And as this is very important for those who have a business website, we have decided to help out by writing about just what GMB NAP actually is.

What does GMB stand for and what is it?

Let us start with the first part of this abbreviation which is GMB. GMB stands for Google My Business. If you haven’t already heard of Google My Business and you have had a business website for a while now, this could be the reason why your business is not so popular on Google. This is an online tool for organizations and businesses which helps you manage your online presence and improve google ranking. This goes for both classic search and map search. You can already tell just how helpful using this tool could be.

Google on laptop.
Using GMB is very important.

We live in a day and age where there are thousands of businesses and it is very likely that some have the same name but are not in the same location. This is why in order to make sure that the people who are searching for your business in your location, you need to use Google My Business.

This is Google’s official tool which means that you have absolute control over the information about your business on Google after you register. We believe every business should use this tool to better their online presence and make things easier for their customers by providing real information about the business. This certainly is a part of gray hat techniques in SEO.

What is NAP?

Now that you know just what GMB stands for and how using it could help you, you need to learn what NAP is. NAP is short for name, address, and phone number. You can already guess that this is the information you can manage through Google My Business. This is the most important information for your business’s online presence. The name of your business, where it is located exactly, and how people can reach you for further information. This is the most basic information you need to provide but when you think about it more, it truly is the most important. And your NAP has to be consistent and the same everywhere.

Typing on laptop.
Customers need to easily be able to find out the most basic information about your business.

When your business’s name appears somewhere online, if the incorrect information is attached to the name, it could lead to a downfall of your business as people would not be able to find you or contact you. But when using Google My Business, you can easily make sure that all the information regarding your business online is correct and up to date. This is something that can help your SEO. Other things such as citations help your SEO. You can get citations from AZ Citation Services. We also deal with citation cleanups which are a necessary part of the process.

How does GMB NAP help SEO?

Now that you are more familiar with the terms GMB and NAP you are probably wondering just what do they do to help your SEO. And we are here to talk about that as well. SEO is very important if you have a business website. As you probably know already, having good SEO results in appearing among the first few results on Google search pages. For a business, this is very important. Being better than your competition is a way to a bigger success.

What can GMB NAP do to help your SEO is the question now? Well, Google doesn’t like inaccurate information. And if it detects that your business provides information that is not correct, it will automatically consider your website as one of those that are not reliable and do not provide customers with a good experience.

SEO is affected by both BMG and NAP.

How to make sure your SEO is good using GMB NAP?

You probably have no idea just how to use Google My Business and where to provide the business name, address, and phone number. For starters, the name, address, and phone number have to be displayed on your website. This is your starting point. Your second step is getting a listing on Google My Business where you will provide the exact same information. It is best to just copy and paste. Do not make it any different than it is on your website.

Then you need to do a Google search for your GMB NAP – business’s name, then address, and then phone number. Do this one search at a time. This will help you see where this information about your business is displayed when searched online. Make sure to write all of these websites down so that you can occasionally check whether the information is still correct. This is a long process to go through, especially when your business grows and you build a backlink empire, but it is definitely worth the trouble as it will save you a lot of trouble.

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