What is the ROI of citations?

Return of Investment is a common phrase in the business world. ROI is a term that defines the efficiency of the investment in a business. It basically measures the profitability of any type of investment, especially the financial one. However, when it comes to building citations, we can’t forget to mention investing your time and energy, along with the money. The reason why we want to share this article is to reach the business owners who are still not sure of the benefits citations can provide. Therefore, we’re going to talk about the ROI of citations – what are the results of a good citation strategy?

Can you calculate ROI precisely?

The exact numbers are difficult to get when it comes to the citations. The reason is that the benefits of this investment are many. Furthermore, they are not only about the profit in the financial aspect, but there are many levels of success you can reach with a professional citation building strategy. Let’s find out what they are.

The ROI of citations – what benefits you can expect?

There are several reasons why citations are important for a local business. We’re going to discuss the main results of your investment in citation building. This will help you better understand the effort and lead you to make the right business decision.

google maps for local businesses
Using some of the most important directories, customers will find your business in no time.

Cost-effectiveness of citations

Online listings in the top business directories are a great way to attract new customers. You make your business more visible, and therefore more people can reach you. Listing in most of the directories is free of charge, which makes this type of advertisement extremely cost-effective. This is particularly easy to understand if you compare it to pay-per-click ads. Surely, there are services that include special fees, such as uploading photos or videos, additional listings, maps, etc. Either way, this is a very cost-effective way to promote your business and make it as visible as possible.

Customers reach you faster

Another positive outcome of this investment is the possibility to be reached much faster. Potential customers use online browsers to find certain services or goods, and citations are the way for them to find your business. Users can locate your business by searching a certain category, location, service, or any other characteristic. Small businesses have a huge benefit of local citations, as new customers can discover and reach them in just a few clicks. Greater visibility means more reach, and that surely means higher revenue.


One thing that you can’t simply pay is the reputation of your brand. Presence in well-known business directories gives you an additional level of reputation and makes your brand trusted by customers. Surely, you can’t get this only from citations – you need to support your reputation by providing high-quality services or goods, as well as a positive attitude towards your customers. Therefore, be sure to add complete listings to the most important directories, and expect success.

Possibilities to earn more

Being at the right plat at the right time is the way to get more business opportunities and earn more. Apart from connecting with customers, you now have the chance to connect with partners, suppliers, investors, etc. These online directories are a way to make new partnerships and increase your business. Therefore, make sure the information you add to the online directories is accurate, informative, and descriptive of your business. This will make it easier for other companies to contact you.

partners in business
Reach new business partners through citations.

Improve your SEO

Accurate information and complete citations are also a way to improve your website’s SEO ranking. To be able to rank your business higher, Google will search for information about it on trusted websites and directories. That’s why, building citations is a way to let Google find your business, too.

Remember: even the most accurate citation building can be ineffective due to many duplicates. Don’t forget to do the citations clean-up before you start adding new listings.

How to make your citations more efficient?

Once you understand what’s ROI of citations and why it is important for your business, let’s cover some basic tips on how to make your citations better. The quality of these listings is extremely important, apart from their location.

Don’t waste time

Firstly, if you don’t have experience with building citations, make sure you waste no precious time to improve your business. Leave it to the experts such as AZ Citation Services. They can manage your citations in the most professional way there is. This leaves you more time and energy to build your brand and focus on your customers.

Set the NAP

NAP is the basic, yet most important information of every online listing. It’s the name, address, and phone number of your business. Before you start listing your company, make sure you think about your NAP and make sure all the information is accurate. Furthermore, make sure the NAP info is consistent all over the internet. It is essential to use the same information and format in every directory, to avoid confusion among customers.

Complete the profile

Aside from NAP, the information you include in citations should have other important details about your company. Website, working hours, business category, fax number, etc. are the way to give a more complete and more trusting image to the users.

a person using a mobile phone and a computer to find out more about ROI of citations
Make sure to update your NAP regularly

Add images and videos

Professional images or videos are an amazing way to gain more trust and attract more people to your business. If they can clearly see your premises, goods, or services, they will be more likely to do business with you.

Hit the most important directories

Apart from the global directories that matter in every business category, be sure to find relevant websites that are important locally or in your niche. This will help people who are looking for a specific service if they are searching a relevant website. Again, being at the right place shortens the time customers need to reach you, which only means more profit for your business.

Finally, you can conclude that the ROI of citations is not that simple to acquire. However, it is very simple to understand that citations have multiple benefits for both local and global businesses, and you shouldn’t underestimate their power, but use them wisely.

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