How to build a strong local citation portfolio?

It doesn’t really matter if your intention is to improve your business and find people that will be able to do that by hiring them. Or if you want to find a better work position and want to have the best chances. Making a strong local citation portfolio is something you will always need. It is proof of your work, and it is something that is very important in many fields of professions. No matter for what reason, you always need it. And the sooner you make it, the better. Also, remember to update it from time to time, and keep in mind that building citations are as important.

To build a strong local citation portfolio let’s understand what are local citations first

To understand properly how you should make a good portfolio with local citations, you should start with details. And go through each one of them. Especially if you are a beginner and this is your first time doing something like this. Citation is an online reference that features NAP. NAP is the business name, address, and phone number. Basically what SEO citation is, is a group of individual business listings on various sites. There are also multiple and different types of SEO citations. But the one you need for your portfolio is a local one.

It is important to know that there is a difference between local and national citations. Local citations in Search Engine Optimization world have a very important purpose. It is a strategy that will help your business to become or stay more visible in local searches on Google or other places. Whenever you are looking for something online and you type the name of the place on Google search and you add a word nearby, you will see a local citation. So, for instance, if you own a fashion business, someone looking for it nearby will see you immediately if you use local citations. They are very important for people that don’t only run online businesses, but in real life as well.

Multiple screens open when building stron local citation portfolio.
To build a strong local citation portfolio you don’t have to be an expert.

You must know what a portfolio is

After getting more familiar with local SEO citations and citation cleanup, now is the time you understand what is portfolio and how you make one. So, the portfolio is a collection of certain things. You can gather different kinds of examples of your work and experience there. When it comes to SEO portfolio, gives you better control over what types of jobs you take on. And as an SEO specialist, you should know that you can have a hard time when you are finding work without showcasing the experience. It is almost impossible. No matter if you want to hire an SEO specialist, or you want to apply to some company, without a portfolio it will be difficult both to hire or get hired. You need this as proof of your work.

Search Engine Optimization is not the only thing that you need a portfolio for. In general, no matter for what kind of job you are applying, adding a portfolio to your CV is definitely a big advantage. Photographers, for instance, add photos they’ve taken to this file. Financial investors would add stocks, cash, commodities, cash equivalents, exchange-traded funds, and so on. Depending on your field of profession you will adapt your portfolio. And now, you will discover what is the secret to creating a portfolio for local citations. There are different ways of doing SEO, and you need to check that out in practice.

Before you can build a strong local citation portfolio, make sure you know how to make a regular one

It is not really difficult or complicated to make a portfolio. Anyone can do it, and it doesn’t take away a lot of time. People make it from homes, on various online platforms. Some of the most used platforms are WordPress, but you can consider using Dribble, Cargo, Flickr, Behance, or Issuu as well. There are also professional websites such as Squarespace, Wix, or GoDaddy that are explicitly made for portfolio making, and nonetheless, you can find social media handles for this matter. As you can see, there are options. You just need to find the best one for yourself.

The first step when a person is creating a portfolio is identifying the best work samples. Now, you will have to find all the local citations that you made that are the best ones. You should keep your content engaging, and pay attention to layout and time matters. The second step you will have is to create a content section. This is especially important when a portfolio has multiple projects. You always start with a table of contents. Remember to always include your resume, even in your portfolio. Also, you can always add a personal statement that will outline your professional goal. Check with Az Citation Services if there is anything else you should add.

Person checking SEO stats.
Even while making a portfolio you need to check your stats and citations.

Learn how to build your local citations

There are four steps that you need to do, in addition, to building local citations for your business. The first step is to get listed with the three big data aggregators. Those are Express Update by Infogroup, Neustar Localeze, and Factual. The next step that you have to take is to submit to other core sites. Now, the first and the second step are connected because those aggregators distribute NAP information for core sites such as Apple Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, BBB, and many others. After you are done with that, your third step is to submit to popular industry and local sites. And the last step is to pursue unstructured citations.

Discover why it is important to build a strong local citation portfolio

Making a portfolio is important for different reasons. If you own a successful business and you want to hire someone that can build your local citations, or even be in control of SEO, you need to take a look at your candidates’ portfolios. The curriculum is important as well, but you don’t see their project in there. And needless to say, the same rule applies when you are interested in getting another, or better job.

Person taking notes.
Find tips to make this even easier.

Remember that when you are making a strong local citation portfolio you need to focus on quality rather than on quality. Any original work should be refrained from enclosing. Remember to always attach digital samples and links wherever you need to do that. Keep the design simple, and make sure to create it in multiple formats.

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