Why Consumer Citations are the Future of Local SEO?

Many small companies do not have a lot of knowledge about SEO. However, they know that they want to exploit the internet in a way that their customers can find them quickly and easily. For small companies, local SEO and particularly citations come into play and have an enormous value. This is why it is important to understand why citations are important and why consumer citations are the future of local SEO. Gathering knowledge in this field is important and valuable. However to anyone not mastering the issue AZ Citation Services can provide adequate guidance and help with citations.


Small companies do not really have much experience in their online marketing. Most have websites and are passively present online. This key issue mostly is the need to get a push or a boost with their promotion. This is where local SEO, citations, and customer citations come into play. Understanding citations and the way they relate to customer Google searches is therefore very important. Simply put these are any direct mentions of a brand on any online platform. They are present all over the web. Their existence can improve the organic visibility of a small business, its webpage, and ultimately its brand.

Happy woman with shopping bags the reason Consumer citations are the future of local SEO
Consumer citations are the future of local SEO and they can do a lot for one business

These citations can have a lot of forms. Their primary for is NAP or name, address, and phone number that can be used to find the business. They may also provide additional information like a website address and similar. But any type of mention or link to your company is considered a citation where ever it is placed. Whether it is on a blog site, review, in a directory, or a social media platform citations, are important. The value of consumer citations is the reason why they are the future of local SEO. Here is why they are important:

  • They influence ranking
  • Make company discovery easier
  • Lead to conversions
  • Improves branding

Citations and ranking

What does this mean? The more citation a business has the better its visibility and position with the search engines. For example, when satisfied customers mention a local business on local platforms and portals they increase its visibility. Google crawlers are then able to assess the citations and assign values to them. Based on that value now a local business can become part of the top search engine results in Google. This means that it can attract even more customers improving its financial outcome. With this consideration, it is clear that for good business results one of the marketing focal points for small businesses is customer citations. Building and using them for achieving high-ranking results is an ongoing struggle that a company must work on.


Citations lead to the easier discovery of your local business. A directory can be ranked By Google for a certain keyword that can make your business visible for that target keyword. Many geolocation sites use citations to pinpoint the location of the business, This makes a company more visible to potential customers in the immediate vicinity.

A shop icon
Local citations are used within many geolocation applications

Citations and conversion

So, citations are directly leading and influencing conversion. The more reviews and mentions for consumers the better. This basically generates virtual word-of-mouth marketing that increases the business’s reputation. Positive reviews add trust for the company and increase the interest in its goods and services.  This ultimately leads to more conversion, sales and generates revenue and profits. As such, citations are something that you have to work on within your future SEO effort. The key here is to continually work on providing a great customer experience and satisfaction that will lead to more good reviews and citations.


Citation can improve the branding of your company. They are important to keep the audience aware of your business and services. You should create a visual identity of the company that should be present in the citation and multiple directories. Also, any company should try to keep its data fresh and consistent across the platforms. This form of presence can ensure the longevity of the business and its brand.

What to know

The important thing to know about citations is their consistency. First of all, Google understands and values structured citations that provide all of the NAP information and more. However, this data must be accurate. When google assigns rank and value to your citation it looks for consistency. NAP citations that are different across platforms can lead to low ranking. This makes the company feel untrustworthy and without authority.  So, the key is to first update your website and keep it fresh. Also, check your NAP across platforms and update your data for a good reference.

It is in since with other SEO elements and this is important for small companies. Small businesses with a small marketing budget must try to ensure their online presence through all of the SEO elements at their disposal. In this way, local, customer citations can generate results by inserting online presence and backlinks. For well-established companies, these citations, based on customer satisfaction, can prove to be an edge in their battle with the competition.

Local customer citations are a natural part and provide a considerable value for local SEO.  Also, Google itself tries to make a good connection between a customer and provide quality information about quality services these citations play a direct role in it. Consumer citations testifying to a good experience with a company are the best proof of the brand value and company value and must contribute to their rank.

People pointing at a map on the street
Citations can help put your business on the map and make it more visible for the customers

Consumer citations are the future of local SEO as an integral part of it

So, customer citations have a big role in rankings and company positioning. They are a factor that leads to conversion and profits through brand building, better visibility, and ranking. This makes them an integral and irreplaceable part of the SEO effort. With this in mind, it is clear why consumer citations are the future of local SEO for many small companies and the key to their future success.

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